Tonight on TV: Eric and Ramzy facing a serial killer… in Barbès!

Every day, AlloCiné recommends a film to (re)watch on TV. Tonight: Eric & Ramzy, a police investigation, a festival of gags, improbable looks, but also colorful sets.

After La Tour Montparnasse infernale, Les Dalton and Seuls Two, Eric and Ramzy are co-writing their fourth feature film, entitled Halal state policethus extending the absurd universe of their own.

The film is both a nod to the detective series “L’Inspecteur Tahar”, very popular in Algeria in the 1970s, and a parody of American thrillers, which it deliberately takes the opposite view. The title of the film also diverts that of the American television series Hawaii State Police, of which Jack Lord and James MacArthur were the headliners.

Co-authors of the scenario, the duo of humorists also interpret the main characters: Inspector Nerh-Nerh, and “the Kabyle”, responsible for investigating a series of murders of Arab grocers in the Barbès district, in Paris. Directed by Rachid Dhibou (cameraman and director of making of for Luc Besson), the film thus denounces racism under cover of burlesque and surrealist humor.

Halal state police by Rachid Dhibou with Ramzy Bedia, Eric Judor, Jean-Pierre Lazzerini…

From 10 years old

Tonight on TFX at 8:50 p.m.

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