Tonight with the family: released more than 50 years ago, this Disney is one of the best told

(Re)discover “Robin Hood”, the 21st classic from Disney Studios which revisits the famous British myth with animals.

Since the departure of King Richard the Lionheart for the Crusades, his brother the cruel Prince John has claimed the throne and crown of England. Greedy and greedy, living only to fill the coffers of the royal treasury, he imposes crushing taxes on all his subjects, and does not care if they will have anything left to eat.

Faced with the tyranny of the insensitive sovereign, a vigilante decides to put his talents as an archer at the service of the people, and to steal from the rich to give to the poor. This fox nicknamed Robin Hood, accompanied by his faithful companion, the bear Petit-Jean, does not hesitate to steal the riches of the kingdom even from the princely carriage. Secretly, between two adventures, he dreams of conquering the heart of Belle Marianne, whom he has not seen since his childhood.

Disney in the 70s

Whether we talk about The Adventures of Robin Hood with Errol Flynn, Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves with Kevin Costner or Robin Hood (for short) with Russell Crowe, there is no shortage of feature films dedicated to the famous Sherwood vigilante. at Hollywood.

That of the Disney studios, produced in the early 1970s by the artists of a firm still mourning the death of its big boss, is undeniably one of the essential versions of the myth. If the absence of Walt Disney begins to be felt and the enchanted kingdom is slowly emerging from the golden age which accompanied it for two decades, Robin Hood is a work apart in the studio’s filmography, and displays other qualities than those of his predecessors.

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Why is it good?

Served by a host of villains as hilarious as they are malicious – from the pusillanimous Prince John to the sarcastic Sad Sire to the clumsy Sheriff of Nottingham – Robin Hood is perhaps one of the funniest Disney classics ever made.

The other strong point of the film lies in its dialogues, finely crafted and perpetually adorned with flowery expressions, directly inspired by the medieval era. Studded with legendary lines, the film capitalizes on the intelligence and curiosity of its youngest spectators and dares to offer them a lexicon chosen on the principle that it will enrich their vocabulary instead of overwhelming them.

For these two reasons and for dozens of others, Robin Hood is to be (re)discovered with the family without moderation.

Walt Disney Animation Studios

What they will like…

  • The excellent archery tournament sequence, funny and epic at the same time.
  • The many secondary characters, also tasty. We can notably cite the benevolent Brother Tuck, the excellent Lady Gertrude (“catch the plump one!”), the two vultures Pendard and Niquédouille or even the dog Corniaud.

What might worry them…

  • Honestly, not much. Perhaps, possibly, the sequence where Robin is taken prisoner by Prince John, and where the latter orders his beheading. But the tension doesn’t build for long.

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