Too few logos – Ford are running out of “plums”: Delivery stop!

The automotive industry is not only suffering from a lack of availability for high-tech parts. At Ford, for example, simple and small parts are missing – but without them nothing works.

The US automaker is running out of logo badges. Because the supply of the blue ovals – popularly known as plums – for the radiator grille and the chrome-plated model nameplates is faltering, the company cannot deliver finished models, as the “Wall Street Journal” reports. Among other things, the pick-up F-150, the group’s best-selling and most profitable model, is affected. Ford does not say how many vehicles remain in the factory because of missing stickers. According to the report, around 40,000 to 45,000 of the brand’s cars and trucks are currently unable to leave the warehouse due to various supply chain problems. Among other things, there is still a lack of supplies of semiconductors. It is unclear where the problem is with the availability of the logos. The Wall Street Journal report cites environmental misconduct by a supplier as a possible reason, which resulted in temporary cutbacks in production.
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