Top 10 smells that take us straight back to childhood


Nostalgic moment. Certain smells can take us straight back to childhood. You just have to think about it sometimes. There, for example, we jump back 20 years thinking about the good smell of salt dough. And there are so many more …

It's nostalgic and terribly melancholy. A little sad, but so good at the same time. Top 10 on these smells that instantly take us back to the past. Close your eyes. Are you there?

Our daddy's perfume

Every time he put on a spray of his perfume, we spotted him for miles. When he came home, he was recognized by his scent. When our father took us in his arms, it was the first thing we breathed in, this so personal scent that will remain engraved forever.

The eraser

Yes, that peculiar smell of the eraser on our hands when, with our fingers full of ink (damn fountain pen), we started to clean them entirely with the eraser. Do you smell it?

The smell of our blanket

The most unique smell in the world. Methodical too, everyone had their own way of personalizing their scent. Like dipping it lightly in water. He kept us company for nights, months, years. And we still have it in a neat little box. In case…

Yellow soap on pivot

Well stowed above the sinks, this famous soap with a questionable smell and cracks which quickly took on questionable colors. A long past since this type of soap is now banned in public places (but it still exists and, if you are nostalgic, you can install one in your kitchen).

Mom's laundry

This scent is immutably reminiscent of the pleasure of the after-bath, that moment when we wrapped ourselves in a soft, comfortable towel, the fragrance of which itself brought well-being and comfort. And the saddest thing in all this is that despite the attempts, impossible to find this smell. Fortunately there is the memory.

Cleopatra glue

Wisely stored in its little pot with the orange lid. A small palette to spread the glue. Ok, it really didn't stick very well but do you remember its delicious smell of almonds?

The smell of clean laundry

Who has never taken a deep breath of the smell of the soft, clean towel our parents wrapped us in when we got out of the bath? This sweet Soupline fragrance necessarily reminds us of our childhood and we must admit that it makes us nostalgic! And the saddest part of all this is that despite the attempts, it is difficult to find that perfect smell. Fortunately for more than 50 years, Soupline has been the faithful partner of our detergents and undoubtedly plunges us back into our fondest memories like a true Madeleine de Proust!

Play-Doh modeling clay

Gourmet smell n ° 1 of our childhood. We can find it today and buy whole stocks for our children / nephews / nieces / neighbors / little cousins ​​… Oh, joy!

Eau Jeune fragrance

What girl did not go through this smell during her childhood? It was our perfume, our first identity. Impossible to do without it or take the road to school without a pshit around your neck. At the same time, he smelled so good!


These little sunflower seeds that our parents hated so much … When we got back from school, we emptied our packages in front of Hey Arnold! Moreover, when we pass in front of a bakery, we are always tempted to fall back into childhood for a little pleasure with pipas.

So, suddenly getting old?

Were you born in the 90s? Remember those songs!

Video by Laetitia Azi