Top 5 essential oil diffusers and our advice

Nebulization, soft mist, nomadic or fixed: choosing an essential oil diffuser is not so simple. Pleasant and trendy, the essential oil diffuser has incredible therapeutic virtues. Here are our top 5 essential oil diffusers, tested by the team!

Aromatherapy is an alternative treatment approach using plant extracts: oils obtained by extracting their essences are used in many sectors (cosmetics, health, etc.).

There are several types of essential oil diffusers : all are intended to diffuse essential oils into the atmosphere. True decorative objects, these room appliances are also appreciated for their therapeutic benefits or as a humidifier.

We decided to select several flagship products that are already among the most popular models and compare them one by one.
Our objective ? Offer a complete comparison to help you choose the essential oil diffuser suited to your needs!

Find all our advice at the bottom of the article: test methodology, choice of oils, advantages and disadvantages according to the type of diffusion, elements to know before buying a diffuser.

Best diffuser by nebulization

1 – Iroko nebulizer – NATURE & DISCOVERIES

The Iroko nebulization diffuser model stands out for its "bottle" design: the wooden base supports a higher glass nozzle than the other models in the same category.

Characteristics :

  • Diffusion surface : 40m²
  • Light effect : yes at the base of the nozzle
  • Material : wooden base, metal wheel, glass nozzle
  • Operation : on mains (cord a little short)
  • Diffusion time : 2 hours
  • Capacity : mechanism without water. Pour 10 to 15 drops of EO directly into the nozzle
  • Cut : H 21 cm x diameter 6.6 cm

Our opinion : The shape of this nebulizer is very elegant and takes up little space in width: the base of the glass nozzle is discreetly colored during operation. You will have to remember to remove the wooden cover so that the smell is more powerful and deep (which was not specified on the instructions). The motor makes a slight thundering noise if there is no noise in the room, but it is a relatively small noise!

More information about the Iroko broadcaster

Best mist diffusers

2 – Cera sprayer – PRANARÔM

Elegant and refined, the Pranarôm brand Cera mist diffuser combines a light wood base with a clean white ceramic outline. A model that offers a very nice diffusion for medium to large rooms with soothing lighting effects. It's our favorite in the fogger category.

Characteristics :

  • Diffusion surface : 25m²
  • Light effect : continuous (intense), alternating (zen respi), soft or extinct clear light.
  • Operation : on mains (cord: about 170cm)
  • Diffusion time : continuous (about 3h) or scheduled: 1h, 3h, 7h
  • Capacity : 180 ml
  • Dimensions : H 12.9 cm x diameter 12.7 cm

Our opinion : This is the model we preferred in the diffuser category "misters" or "ultrasonic". Its rounded shape is very elegant, it is a model that goes everywhere. The intensities of the lights range from"soft" at "intense yellow", with a fluctuating intermediate mode which makes one think of breathing. Very good point as much on the design as on the efficiency: the persistence of the aromas is very present, even in a large room of 35m².

More information on the Cera de Pranarôm broadcaster. (available on several sites with free delivery)


The Elo model is stylish and compact, and is distinguished by an optional mains or USB connection. Convenient in the event of a nomadic office or a remote outlet! The copper plinth is very elegant, and its small size allows it to be placed anywhere on a piece of furniture, a bedside table or a desk. The glass rim is colored with yellow light (just press the corresponding button), offering a soft and pleasant ambient effect.

Characteristics :

  • Diffusion surface : 15 to 18m² maximum
  • Material : copper plinth, glass wall, PV white interior
  • Light effect : off, soft, medium, or strong (steady light)
  • Operation : fixed on mains or via USB port
  • Diffusion time : continuous or intermittent (broadcast 10 sec / stop 10 sec, for 1h30)
  • Capacity : 85 ml
  • Cut : H 9c m x ​​diameter 10 cm

Our opinion : A design, miniature and trendy model. Solid thanks to the copper base and easier to clean than ceramic, no risk of resistant essential oil stains. However, it has little operating autonomy since the capacity is quite low. It is suitable for small rooms, offices or bedrooms. A very good choice for a medium sized apartment!

More information on the Elo diffuser from Nature & Découvertes (available with free delivery)

4 – Odalys mist sprayer – ESSENTIEL B

The Odalys diffuser is part of the Essentiel B range: quality products at a lower price. This model offers a large capacity of 300 ml, practical for a diffusion over time, without having to add water. Efficient, elegant and very easy to use, it is a validated test!

Characteristics :

  • Diffusion surface : 40m²
  • Material : wood effect support and plastic nozzle
  • Light effect : Yes, with the choice a single color (fixed) or several intermittently (7)
  • Operation : on sector
  • Diffusion time : about 4 hours continuous (or programmable) or intermittent
  • Capacity : 300 ml

Our opinion : A model to be used with or without essential oil, to humidify the air if it is too dry. The duration is adjustable, which allows to choose the total broadcasting time (1, 2 or 3 hours) or continuous. Its material is guaranteed to be 0 breakage in the event of a fall, and it is easy to clean!

More info about the Odalys ultrasonic diffuser (available with free delivery)

5 – Bamboo fogger – LÂDROME

This Ladrôme bamboo diffuser conquered us for several reasons: a compact size format, an ecological material and soft and changing light effects. The bamboo material gives a little side "ethnic"trendy and decorative.

Characteristics :

  • Diffusion surface : medium room, 20m²
  • Material : bamboo fibers / plastic receptacle (BPA free)
  • Light effect : variations of 7 colors or off
  • Operation : fixed on the mains (cord: about 120 cm)
  • Diffusion time : 2 hours, in continuous or intermittent mode (broadcast 30 sec / off 30 sec)
  • Capacity : 150 ml
  • Cut : H 15 cm x diameter 9 cm
  • Accessory included : measuring cup for water

Our opinion : Elegant and all in height, this bamboo diffuser is simple to use and solid: in the event of a fall, no risk of breakage! Alternating colored lights are only visible around the perimeter (line under the wooden cover), and remain quite discreet. Be careful, however, bamboo is a material that ages poorly over time: in the event of poor maintenance or intensive use, the risk of stains is greater! The included measuring cup is practical, an accessory that is still rarely supplied with diffusers. Remember to clean it regularly with a cotton ball soaked in white vinegar and hot water!

More information on the Ladrôme diffuser (available with free delivery)

Test methodology and evaluation criteria

– Choice of models sold by leading brands in the wellness sector
– Selection of electrical devices by misting and nebulization
– Use of each model in the same "test" part (apartment of about 25m²)
– Test with the same essential oils (EO of sweet orange, Lavender, Ylang-Ylang, Relaxation and Eucaly'pur synergies from Pranarôm)
– Observation of the feelings and intensity of the perfume (persistence over time, homogeneity of aromas, elegance of the product)
– Product convenience, cord length and operation (mains, usb, connected)

Our evaluation and choice criteria


  • A criterion which is not really one in our opinion. In case of price lower than 30 eur, mistrust, unless it is a basic model with gentle heat (the first ceramic or porcelain models). For a mist diffuser, count between 45 and 95 euros. Nebulized diffusers are more expensive, but more therapeutically effective. A good nebulization diffuser costs between 60 and 100 eur.

Emitting area and receptacle capacity :

  • For a mist diffuser, the area of ​​the room can range from 20 to 40m² according to the capacity of the product. By nebulization, the diffusion is suitable for larger rooms, de 40 to 100m² for the most efficient models.

Light effects :

  • A very subjective choice, which brings elegance and a Zen atmosphere to any room where it diffuses. Colored or neutral, the lighting effects are up to everyone's taste.

Material :

  • Wood and bamboo are designer and inexpensive materials, but beware, they are also less easy to clean. Oils tend to stain and can leave sticky marks. A glass or ceramic model will be more expensive, but also more fragile. Diffusers made of metal or with a copper plinth are the most solid. Avoid models "all plastic ", generally on sale at a low price and sometimes of lower quality.

Fixed or nomadic:

  • All the models in our selection are electric. Some have a USB socket, others can be charged by battery, which is convenient to use them anywhere in the house without having to plug them into the mains. This means that once charged, they can continue to operate for several hours without being plugged into the electrical outlet.

Ease of use :

  • A quality model must be simple use. For convenience, make sure the power cord is long enough. Some brands of foggers have a measuring cup provided for purchase.

Nomadic and wireless broadcasters:

A separate category, these diffusers work by dry and nomadic diffusion: the principle is to be able to be carried "all over"by plugging them into a USB port. Whether in the car, in the office or on the road, it's a convenient way to enjoy aromatherapy anywhere.

Nomadic wireless diffuser – Diffuse & Go – PURESSENTIEL

This Ultrasonic Diffuse & Go diffuser from Puressentiel offers diffusion by cold spraying. Its built-in battery allows it to be moved anywhere, for up to 40 hours of autonomy! Perfect for everyday use, with or without mood lights.

All about the use of essential oils

Aromatherapy is a treatment approach through the use of pure plant essences, extracted by steam distillation in a still. The water vapor passes through the tissues of the plant and bursts the cells containing the pure essence.
Aromatherapy serves to many sectors:

  • In cosmetics, for beauty product design
  • For the health market, in the form of essential oils, synergies to diffuse in the air, ointments, lozenges for various ailments and pathologies.

Out of all the existing essences, only about a hundred essential oils are used for aromatherapy. In addition to ingestion (oral) and absorption (dermal), the respiratory tract is also one of the ways to use essential oils.

Inhalation, fumigation or via an electric diffuser, the active ingredients enter the bronchi and join the blood vessels. Depending on the oils / synergies used in the diffusers, the effects will be different.

Benefits of aromatherapy & mixing ideas for diffusion

  • Relaxation and Relaxation: Essential oils of Lavender, Sweet Orange, Petitgrain Bigararde, Mandarin, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Niaouli

Their relaxing and soothing properties are ideal for people of an anxious nature or having sleep disorders.

Advice : diffuse 5 drops of EO of sweet orange + 5 drops of EO of Petitgrain Bigarade (from 6 p.m., time conducive to end-of-day tensions …)

  • Purify the atmosphere: Lemon, Tea-Tree, Radiated Eucalyptus, Laurel Noble, Scots Pine, Grapefruit, Rosemary Cinéole, Cajeput, Niaouli

These oils have the advantage of cleaning the atomosphere of persistent odors, while leaving a pleasant, clean and healthy smell.

Heart stroke :
Mixture with citrus notes, Diffusion Complex Clean Air – Puressentiel

  • Antiseptic, anti-microbes and sanitizing effect : Eucalyptus, Coriander, Bergamot, Ravintsara, Cedars, Marjoram in Shell

True allies of health, especially in cold weather and in the case of resistant microbes, the essences of essential oils are renowned for their strong antiseptic and anti viral power.

Heart stroke : tested in our offices, Eucaly'Pur Pranarôm blend (onatera, amazon and other sites)

  • Relieve allergies: Cedar, Lemon, Cypress, Eucalypstus Globulus, Oregano, Pine

People prone to respiratory or reaction allergies (pollen, insects, dust, mites) can use them to avoid the effects of allergic reactions.

Our advice: Puressentiel Diffuse Respi Complex (Green anise, Cajeput, Cedar, Lemon, Cypress, Eucalyptus Globulus, Clove, Lavender officinale, Niaouli, Oregano, Pine, Ravintsara …)

  • Repel insects: Clove, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Geranium (mosquito repellent)

Summer period or house conducive to the infiltration of small animals, these essential oils will naturally repel flies, mosquitoes and other insects.
advice :
In the diffuser, 3 drops of each: Citronella, Lavandin, Geranium, Lemon Eucalyptus.

  • Support concentration : Peppermint, Scots Pine, Eucalyptus

Have you ever used Peppermint essential oil for headaches? Known for its anti-pain, digestive and cooling effects, it also has the advantage of helping to concentrate.
Advice :
In diffusion in the office or a small work room, place 5 drops of essential oil of Eucalyptus, Pine and Peppermint.

  • Boost mood and good energies: Bergamot, Lavender, Clary Sage, Neroli, Roman Chamomile.

Renowned for their aphrodisiac and energetic effects, to be diffused in case of low energy.
Advice :
In the diffuser, place 5 drops of Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang and Roman Chamomile, to let diffuse for 2 hours.

  • Create a cocooning atmosphere: Sweet orange, Cinnamon, Clove, Sandalwood, Rose, Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine

For notes in accordance with the season, the essential oils diffused alone or a few drops poured on a fabric in your bag can recreate real cocooning scents.

Our favorite :
Cocooning Complex by Puressentiel, Notes of White Grapefruit and Cinnamon, Sweet Orange and Petit Grain Bigarade

Choosing your essential oil diffuser: our advice

What are the types of essential oil diffusions?

There are 4 main types of essential oil diffusions: nebulization, misting, gentle and dry heat.

The HE is propelled from a vertical pump placed in a glass nozzle, before being sucked into the transverse air blast, and projected against the glass walls. The propulsion is fast and the diffusion optimal. Also called a micronizer, this type of device diffuses a mist of completely pure essential oil. The EOs are poured directly into the glass nozzle, without adding water.

– Advantages of diffusion by nebulization:
It is the most modern and powerful diffusion technology, even in large rooms. It is a cold diffusion: the micro particles stay longer in suspension in the air, which makes these devices ideal for therapeutic use.
– Disadvantages of diffusion by nebulization:
More expensive than other models and nebulizers can be annoying in small rooms due to the intensity of the odors. In this case, bet on good ventilation of the room.

>> MIST (or ultrasonic)
This is the most commonly purchased type of diffuser: at the bottom of the receptacle filled with water, a pellet emits vibrations (ultrasound). The essential oils float on the surface: the vibration diffuses them in the mist of cold water.

– Advantages of diffusion by misting:
This type of diffuser emits a cold mist which gives a soothing zen side, effective for medium rooms of 20 to 30m. The price of a sprayer is very correct, and only the sound of the lapping of water is detectable. Can also be used as a room humidifier.
– Disadvantages of diffusion by misting:
With this type of diffuser, the micro particles are not projected pure into the air, but bound to the water particles. The active ingredients of EO stay less long in the atmosphere, and the effect is less intense than by nebulization. Also beware of low-end products, many models of plastic foggers are sold at low prices, which leaves doubts about the quality of the broadcast.

This is the most basic model we all know, often ceramic or porcelain. The essential oils are poured directly into the hollow provided for this purpose, which gently heats the EOs. The heat has the effect of propelling the EO into the atmosphere, for a direct and inexpensive diffusion.

– Advantages of diffusion by gentle heat:
It is the easiest method to use and the cheapest. Completely silent, these devices do not make the slightest noise.
– Disadvantages of diffusion by gentle heat:
Not very powerful, this mode of diffusion cannot have an effect in rooms of more than 15 m. The emanation of particles can also be harmful to health if the device is defective and heats the oils to more than 40 ° C.

The most basic mode and often used in the car: essential oils are impregnated in a wick arranged on a metal plate. This vibrates under the effect of ultrasound. The vibration projects very fine particles of EO in the form of a subtle spray. Easy to carry, it's the perfect type of diffusion for an office or in the car.

Which diffuser to choose according to your needs?

> Ambient and therapeutic use, small or medium sized rooms : choose a mist diffuser, with soft light and a suitable capacity (between 80 to 120 ml) depending on the rooms and the size of your home.

> Therapeutic and ambience use, medium to large rooms : opt for a nebulization model, suitable for spaces with good ventilation (large dining room, common living space, or therapeutic diffusion). The effects are more significant and soundless.

> For an office or in the car : dry misting will suffice, we often find products that plug into USB. One like that of Puressentiel (Diffuse & Go) plugs into USB, to be placed in the car on the USB port.

Tips and pitfalls to avoid:
> Instead of succumbing to "diffusion pebbles", think of the free alternative: a few drops on a fabric handkerchief in the handbag, on the bedside table or in the dressing room will leave a subtle and delicate fragrance.

> To be totally banned:
Diffusion of the "plate warmer" type with a candle, which can overheat the oils and have harmful effects.
Chemical sprays using synthetic fragrances, harmful to the respiratory tract and polluting.

> Use organic, pure and natural essential oils or synergies (mixtures) of pure essential oils:
Several quality and organic brands offer complexes for diffusion, dosed so as to benefit from the benefits of the essences.

> Choose essential oils suitable for diffusion:
Bergamot – Wild Chamomile – Cardamom Caraway – Atlas Cedar – Cistus – Lemon – Java Lemongrass – Coriander – Provence Cypress – Tarragon – Eucalyptus (all) – Geranium Rosat – Ginger – Helichrysum from Madagascar – Laurel Noble – Lavender Aspic – Fine Lavender – True Lavender – Super Lavandin – Lemongrass – Mandarin – Marjoram with Shells – Marjoram Sylvestre – Niaouli – Sweet Orange – Palmarosa – Grapefruit – Patchouli – Petit Grain Bigarade – Ravintsara – Rosemary with Camphor – Rosemary with Cineola – Tea Tree – Thyme. ..

> Precautions for use:
The use of essential oils in direct form or by diffusion is not recommended for children under 3 years old, pregnant women or in the presence of animals in the same room.

> The diffusion of certain essential oils is prohibited because they are harmful to the respiratory tract:
Ajowan – Dill – Cade – Turmeric – Sweet Fennel – Fragrant Wintergreen – Italian Helichrysum – Lavandula Stoechas – Greenland Ledon – Rosemary Verbénone Lavender Leaf Sage – Annual Tansy

Diffuser location : essential oils are products that tend to stain surfaces. Remember to place your diffuser on a clean cloth, a glass tray, or any other item that can be cleaned.

Cleaning the diffuser by misting: Gently rub the lozenge at the bottom with a cotton swab or cloth soaked in water and white vinegar, then rinse with clean water. Cleaning should take place with the diffuser unplugged and tank should be emptied after each use.

Cleaning the diffuser by nebulization: pour a little household alcohol or white vinegar at the bottom of the nozzle and turn on the device for 10 to 15 minutes to remove all sticky traces of EO. Then empty the excess vinegar.