Top 5 funds in euros, cryptos and taxes 2024… Here are the 3 money news of the day

The top 5 euro funds 100% accessible, the box not to be missed on its tax declaration for holders of digital assets like bitcoin and the results of MaPrimeRenov’, which is struggling to find its audience at the start of the year. .. Find the 3 money news for this Friday, April 26.

What are the best 100% accessible euro funds?

This is a top 5 different euro funds that MoneyVox offers you: euro funds that are 100% accessible. Because very often, it is impossible to place 100% of the payments on the fund in euros, a quota of units of account is imposed on each payment. The client is therefore forced to take a dose of risk, even if he doesn’t really want it. To avoid it, discover this alternative classification, knowing that for the 5 euro funds that stand out there, the return exceeds 3%.

2024 taxes: pay attention to this box if you hold cryptocurrencies

Do you hold digital assets such as bitcoin or other cryptoassets? Be careful, when completing your 2023 income tax return, not to miss box 3CN. Since January 1, 2023, the gains made are no longer necessarily subject to the single flat-rate withholding (PFU), you can choose the classic scale of income tax. An option that can be interesting for taxpayers with little or no tax. We will detail the procedure for you.

Fewer requests for MaPrimeRenov’ early 2024′

In the first quarter of 2024, 78,043 homes were renovated with MaPrimeRenov’ (72,459 gesture renovations and 5,584 large-scale renovations). The statistics published by the National Housing Agency (Anah) for the first quarter of 2024 show a drop of 43% compared to the same period in 2023. A consequence of the successive changes of course experienced by this aid system energy renovation in recent months? Relaxations are in any case expected from May 15. Find more information here.

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