Top 5 life insurance, late salary, 2024 taxes… The 5 news of the week for your money

Whether you are looking for life insurance available 100% in euro funds, best practices before applying for a property loan or even figures on the 2023 income declaration, you are in the right place! Here’s everything you shouldn’t miss on MoneyVox this week.

The weekly calendar: what changes in May for your finances

Like every month, MoneyVox gives you a list of what is changing for your finances. Relaxed conditions for obtaining MaPrimeRnov’, increase in the benchmark price of gas, flat-rate participation in health matters or even the new rules for using your CPF account… We tell you everything here.

Medicines, physiotherapy, ambulance… Why your health spending risks soaring in 2024

The choice of the week: life insurance in 100% euro funds, it’s possible

The annual ranking of euro funds has become a sham. Because, most often, you cannot invest 100% of your payments into the fund in euros: a portion must be placed in units of account. Result: overall performance will be impacted, up or down. MoneyVox therefore offers you the alternative classification of euro funds that are 100% accessible. Good surprise: the top 5 is above the 3% yield mark.

Life insurance: the new astonishing track record of pilot management

Tip of the week: how to facilitate your real estate loan

If banks are gradually starting to finance borrowers’ real estate projects again, obtaining a real estate loan remains more complicated than two years ago. To put all the chances on your side, it is better to present a solid case. Here are the expenses to avoid to make banks want to look into your file.

Real estate rates: should you rely on an online bank to obtain cheaper credit?

Figures of the week: how many French people pay the same tax rate as you?

The more you earn, the more you pay: this is the principle of income tax, which is based on a progressive scale. You, and all French households, are divided into the 5 brackets of the progressive scale, with rates ranging from 0% to 45%… Did you know, for example, that 50.2% of households are in the 11% bracket, but that only 44.7% of households pay income tax? Do you find it strange? We explain everything to you here.

Macron bonus, interestingly… What salary bonuses should you (or not) declare for tax?

The fear of the day: salary and pension payments delayed with May 1?

May 2024 is full of holidays and long weekends. And it started on Wednesday with May 1, which can turn into a very long weekend by taking two days off, Thursday and Friday. Good news which could, however, lengthen transfer times, and therefore delay the payment of your salaries and pensions. We take stock.

Instant transfer: how some banks increase its price beyond 10 euros

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