top 8 gift ideas for 7 year olds!

Need an original, useful and fun gift idea for a 7 year old? Follow the guide, here are our top 8 gift ideas to please a 7 year old: new trendy toys to offer for a birthday or Christmas!

Are you looking forward to Christmas? Good news, so do we! For several weeks now, we have been monitoring the latest news in store, and scrupulously looking for toys to offer this year. Little boy or girl of 7: here is our list of 2020 gifts!

My child is 7 years old: what gift to give him?

At the age of 7, the child is no longer a baby! He begins to read more fluently, and understands the logic of the stories. He is able to imagine scenarios and solve simple math problems. This is the period of plans, constructions, assembly of parts and creative hobby kits.
For girl or boy, fan of Harry Potter, Disney Princess or Star Wars … you will find the perfect gift, promised !

Here are our best gift ideas and new toys for Christmas, a birthday or a surprise gift:

The timeless: the construction toy

Like the Ikea parents' kit, children's building sets improve concentration and imagination! The ideal toy at home: put together the pieces, invent, take apart, and start over. The references ? Lego and Playmobil, with exclusive packs this year …

1. Jump on the pieces in real life: Giant Super Mario Pack by LEGO!

The big news this year is at Lego : Building packs dedicated to the Mario universe are already all the rage among fans of the popular Nintendo game. This pack includes the starter kit and two extensions, but it is possible to buy them separately!

Features and content of the full pack:

  • The Mario figure has sensors and LCD screens (eyes, mouth and stomach) and reacts in over 100 different ways
  • Iconic sounds and video game music
  • Challenges with turnaround platforms, reactive blocks, disaster recovery
  • Mario Adventures Starter Pack : 7 action bricks, a loudspeaker that emits the iconic sounds of the video game and the basic parts
  • Battle of the Castle Extension Browser : set of 1010 pieces with skill challenges and battles against the game's cult enemies.
  • Bill Bourrins Dam Extension : set of parts with swivel platform, spindle moulder with 2 Bill Bourrins « ruffles ", a Maskass and a Super Mushroom.

More information on the Lego / Mario set

  • Or opt for the LEGO Mario "starter" kit:

Our opinion : have you been waiting a long time to find out? He arrived ! This LEGO toy set offers an immersive play experience and very realistic. The sounds and music of the Nintendo game can be heard in real time, and the free Lego Super Mario app provides prop assembly ideas and creative challenges. Rated 4.7 out of 5, this game is one of the best sellers of the year!

Available now on Amazon, with free shipping.

2. Believe in Star Wars: Space Station from PLAYMOBIL

For fans of Star Wars and astronomy, this is a small revolution! Building and imagining scenarios remains the main talent of our children. At this age, the mind is teeming with creative ideas! A toy to put on the Christmas list!

Contents and characteristics of the box:

  • Star Wars space base to build
  • Accessories included: two astronauts, a robot, a mobile missile launcher
  • as well as many light and sound effects
  • Play areas: cockpit, rest area, astronaut laboratory
  • Total dimensions: 50 x 28 x 20 cm (W x D x H)
  • To combine with the Mars Launch Rocket Pack and the Space user kit with his space vehicle

Our opinion : Playmobil astronauts are waiting for your child to explore the planet Mars! A crush on the children and parents who have had it in their hands, to imagine incredible space adventures. Little girls and boys fans of astronomy will be delighted. Wait … prepare for Takeoff!

More information on Playmobil's Star Wars space base (free delivery)

Express your creativity!

3. Learn about photography: Kizidoom Touch camera from VTECH

This latest version of Vtech's Kizidoom is tactile: the children's digital camera is back with new features and enhanced functions. A perfect gift idea to keep memories of Christmas parties, birthdays with friends and family outings.

Product Features :

  • 3.5 inch color screen
  • Dual lens: 5 megapixel front, 2 megapixel rear
  • Features included: automatic flash, zoom, self-timer, photos, over 70 special effects and effects, selfies, face detection, videos, 5 games included, motion detection, music player, voice recording and distortion, filters.
  • Accessories : shock-resistant case with rubber protections, wrist strap, headphones to listen to your music
  • Capacity: up to 1000 photos or 5 min of film on internal memory
  • Memory expandable by micro SD card, rechargeable by USB, PC and Mac compatible

Our opinion : the children's camera is an original and trendy gift idea, as long as you don't choose a model that is too "baby"! The Vtech brand is renowned for the quality of its interactive games: this latest version of the famous Kizidoom has already won over parents and apprentice photographers.

More information about the Kizidoom (express and free delivery on amazon)

4. Make homemade stuff: The chemistry of SENTOSPHERE soaps

This creative and original leisure kit allows you to make your own colorful soaps. With the help of parents, safely introduce your child to chemical reactions between different products.

Cabinet accessories:

  • Pipettes for tinting liquid soap (gold flakes, dyes)
  • Various molds (gemstone shapes)
  • Scientific book presenting the origin of soaps and the mechanism of saponification
  • Measuring cup

Our opinion : the crafting kit is a sure bet when it comes to gifts! Wait a few moments, and the soaps are ready to be unmolded. These products are safe, and at this age, any child would love to dream of being a maker of a craft "House". A strong argument to motivate them to jump in the shower …

Discover the other Sentosphere boxes

Learn by playing (but above all playing!)

5. Brainstorm: Nintento Switch Lite + Layton Adventure Game!

  • Nintendo Switch Lite Yellow version:

Nintendo Switch? The console that needs no introduction: its success with children and parents is final. Play solo on the tablet version or with others on the TV screen, your choice! As for the games available, the offer is immense: Animal Crossing, Harry Potter, Mario Bros, The Sims and more.

Our suggestion for an edutainment gift: Opt for a puzzle game that stimulates the mind in a fun way to go with the Nintendo Switch box …

  • The Layton Adventure: Katrielle and the Millionaire Conspiracy – NINTENDO:

A great mystery to be solved: Detective agency Layton has just opened its doors and his daughter Katrielle must solve more than 190 puzzles to figure out what is troubling the city.

Game Details:

  • More than 190 puzzles to solve: logic work, mathematical problems, puzzles, puzzles …
  • Very realistic graphics and total immersion in the atmosphere of the game
  • Exploration of the city of London, customization of pieces and detective outfits
  • Halfway between reflection and adventure

Our opinion : A toy that will keep little boys and girls busy for hours. Fun while being educational, this game will appeal to apprentice detectives and will even convince the greatest!

More info on Layton Adventures

6. Discover the world: ASMODEE Travel Brainbox

The Brain Box “Voyage Around the World” playset invites players to work on their memory and observation skills!

How to play it?

  • Children observe a map for 10 seconds, and answer questions as quickly as possible that call on their memory
  • Qualities to develop: observation, attention, speed of thinking and memorization!
  • Benefits: discover the world, the characteristics of the countries and their culture
  • Number of players: one or more

Our opinion : a simple and entertaining card game, to go out for a few minutes or more, the time to challenge your memory and test your knowledge! The Brain Box received a rating of 4.6 / 5 by all who have had it in their hands. We love being able to take it on vacation or play it at home!

More info about Asmodee game boxes

Challenge yourself as a family with a board game

7. Challenge yourself between wizards: Harry Potter DOOBLE card game

The famous Dobble card game in its Harry Potter version will stimulate the responsiveness of Hogwarts fan players! A choice of gift guarantees 100% family laughter …

How to play it?

  • Dobble is a game of speed: players have to be the fastest to find the identical symbols between the cards
  • Duration of the game: about 15 minutes
  • Number of players: 2 to 8 players

Our opinion : Ultra practical to carry, this playful card game in the colors of Harry Potter is to take out with the family, for fun games in 15 minutes: Wingardium Leviosa!

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8. Go on a mission in the jungle: JUMANJI retro board game

A game to relive the adventures and pitfalls of all kinds of the movie Jumanji. Let's face it, this is the perfect gift for nostalgic parents … to play with friends or family with the kids!

Accessories and principle of the game:

  • One goal: cross the jungle safe and sound and reach the center of the plateau first
  • Content and accessories: 1 quality wooden game board, 4 wooden pawns, 1 rhinoceros pawn, 5 dice, 1 hourglass, 30 danger cards, 1 card decoder and game rules book
  • Duration of a game: about 30 minutes
  • 2 to 4 players

Our opinion : a game that allows you to relive the adventures and pitfalls of all kinds of the famous 1995 film. This board game combines cooperation and competition between players … bad losers abstain!

More info on the retro game Jumanji

The bonus idea: (re) dive into the Disney universe

Since last April, children have also had their Netflix: the arrival of the Disney + offer could not escape you, and continues to make people happy.
Find the greatest Disney classics as well as exclusive content and regularly enriched with new features thanks to at the Disney + subscription!

How it works ?

  • All-inclusive subscription at a low price, without commitment, without ads
  • Price: € 6.99 / month or € 69.99 / year
  • Unlimited access to all Disney + video content
  • Up to 7 user profiles, 4 simultaneous screens, and 10 devices!
  • The 5 Disney + worlds: Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic

Our opinion : quality content, new releases, the great Disney classics in HD … and between us, this is the gift that pleases parents and children alike. Here, we have already validated for several months!

Our mission: to find quality ideas for demanding children and parents!

Did you like your selection? Christmas is a bit far away, wait a few more weeks before you see him open his presents!

How do we choose these games?

We are looking for new ideas based on several criteria:

> Reviews and returns: these games are among the bestsellers in the target age group, and are the best rated among parents and children who have had them in their hands. Parents on the team also serve as counselors, of course!
> Quality: these are the most famous brands in terms of children's games, if possible with a manufacture in France or in Europe.
> Price: the toys on our list fit every budget, with great value for money.
> The use: the explanatory book provided is clear, the game can be used by several people without the risk of the child getting bored.

Choosing the right gift: our other tips!

My 7 year old child likes to read: what book to give him?

At the age of 7, the child is no longer a baby, and begins to master the basics of reading well, it is the ideal time to slip books into his hands.

The latest book novelties for children and essentials, here is our favorite list:
>> I remember, by Gilles Rapapport, available on amazon
>> Muriel Africa, by Muriel Bloch, available on amazon
>> The colors of Jimmy, by Caroline Toso, available on amazon
>> My first Mythology, available on amazon

What ideas for creative games at 7?

“Creative leisure” boxes and boxes remain among the favorites of children from 6 or 7 years old. This year, home jewelry and product making kits come in many forms, here are our favorites:
>> “Crazy rings” jewelry creation box, available on amazon or in store
>> Box for making homemade chocolates, Mon Super Atelier, available on amazon or in store.
>> Dreamcatcher creation box, available on amazon or in store.
>> Frozen pearl weaving and jewelry kit, on Amazon or in store

What board games at the age of 7?

Still a little young for puzzle games, it is quite possible to find ideas for toys to make as a family. Cards, junior scrabble, cluedo, console adventure circuit, multi-player car circuit, and more …
Avoid card games that are too simple and basic to prevent the child from getting bored, he is no longer a baby! A board game must be able to follow the child for several months (even years), and also appeal to the older ones.

Our favorite board games:
>> The Mysteries of Beijing board game: strategy and family investigation (available on Amazon and in stores)
>> Track Agency game by Dujardin: to stop criminals! (available on amazon)
>> Gigamic MITO – the card game for smart people (available on amazon)
>> The famous circuit game Mario Kart, on the Nintendo Switch Lite