"Top Chef": Internet users scandalized by the elimination of Mallory: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

After 15 exhausting weeks, both morally and physically, Mallory Gasbi, young 22-year-old Belgian cook, had finally managed to make its way to the semi-final. And in a very beautiful way! He was the first candidate to get his two passes, against David Gallienne, Adrien Cachot and Martin Feragus. It was the latter that was finally eliminated on rice pudding, tasted by Jessica Préalpato, the best pastry chef in the world. She preferred that of David, more traditional, which in true Proust's madeleine reminded her of her grandmother's dessert. Wednesday June 10, 2020, so it was the long-awaited moment. Mallory, David and Adrien were all competing to reach the last stage of Top chef and qualify for the final.

An unfair defeat, according to Internet users

As often, it was a dish that made the difference between the candidates. And it was Mallory who was to impose it, after having made last week the Saint Honoré de David and its decoration of puffed sugar, as well as the recipe based on tripe, intestine and trumpets of death requested by Adrien. The test of the day was therefore … cooking in a bladder! A technique that Hélène Darroze's little protégé was supposed to master. So it is logically fairly confident that he appeared before the jury, with a "beautiful bladder, well inflated". And if in appearance, Mallory's dish had everything to make it go to the final, the outcome was quite different. The chefs preferred David's dish, thus definitively eliminating Mallory from the competition.

A scandal for the viewers, who did not understand the decision of the jury. "So on the bladder cooking test, the one who has a bloated bladder wins. Okay #TopChef ", can be read in comments. A user even denounced "a rigged contest". Many people compared the elimination of the young Belgian with that of Claude, candidate for Koh Lanta, eliminated in the final during the unavoidable post test. Two defeats in a few days that viewers obviously had a hard time digesting!

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