"Top Chef": this event "in tune with the times" which will revolutionize the program: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

It’s not tomorrow the day before that we’re going to enjoy a good meal at the restaurant. And it hurts just writing it down! As a reminder, Jean Castex held a press conference on Thursday January 14, during which he unveiled new anti-Covid measures to cope with the evolving pandemic. A third confinement is not to be ruled out and the opening of bars, restaurants and cultural places postponed to an undetermined date. And, the icing on this particularly indigestible cake, our stomachs will continue to cry famine in front of the new season of Top chef. The cooking show looks back on M6 in the coming weeks and has put the small dishes in the big ones to surprise the faithful of the program. The theme of this twelfth edition? "Unlimited creativity", As much to say that the audacity of the candidates will be put forward during the puzzling tests proposed by the jury.

A season delivered to your home

And among these lunar challenges, the traditional restaurant war has been redesigned to reflect the reality of the moment. Thus, if the chefs Helene Darroze, Paul Pairet, Philippe Etchebest and Michel Sarran will always go and taste the dishes in the ephemeral restaurants created by the participants, the rest of the tasters (handpicked people and food critics) will receive their home delivery dishes. A "click and collect" which intends to represent the daily life of restaurateurs impacted by the health crisis. "Top Chef has always been a capillarity program with French society, so it seemed normal to us that the candidates were confronted with the reality of the restaurant business", justified Florence Duhayot, producer of the program, at a press conference on January 13, 2021, reported by the Huffington Post. Will the competitors succeed in taking up this new challenge brilliantly? Still a few weeks to wait before seeing what this season of Top chef particular has in the belly.

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