Top Gun 3: Everything We Know About The Tom Cruise Sequel


“Top Gun: Maverick” delighted millions of viewers and brought back to us the spectacular blockbuster cinema. However, is it a guarantee that a third part will follow? Netzwelt presents all the facts about “Top Gun 3”.

Top Gun: Is Tom Cruise Returning For A Third Movie? (Source: Paramount Pictures Germany)

  • 36 years after the first part, “Top Gun: Maverick” was released in cinemas in 2022 and became an instant hit.
  • In addition to Tom Cruise, many other stars also returned. Miles Teller, among others, added new blood to the cast.
  • The chances for a third part should actually be good. What is known about “Top Gun 3” so far?

“Top Gun: Maverick” was hailed by many as the best film of 2022 and a revival of blockbuster cinema that was not only successful but good. Director Joseph Kosinski and leading actor Tom Cruise managed to take the audience’s breath away with impressive pictures, aerial and aerial shots. The story about a new generation of pilots, which also includes the son of Maverick’s former co-pilot Goose, also manages to pull you in.

So are we expecting a third part, which hopefully won’t be as long in coming this time as the first sequel? There are not many clues, but below you will learn what is known about “Top Gun 3” so far.

Is a Top Gun 3 coming?

After grossing over a billion dollars and only top ratings, announcing a third part should be a mere formality these days. But this has not happened yet. Officially, no “Top Gun 3” has been announced. However, with such success, Paramount, the studio behind the “Top Gun” brand, is unlikely to miss the opportunity to continue the series.

Making a full franchise out of it would be the only logical conclusion for Paramount given the “Top Gun” bonanza. We may even expect series in the “Top Gun” universe in the future, similar to “Dune”.

Who will we see in the cast of Top Gun 3?

Top Cruise should also have an important role in talks about a third part. After all, he is co-producer of “Maverick” and the figurehead of the film series. On the one hand, he could also play an active role in front of the camera in the third film, on the other hand, he could also consider it more appropriate and better to pass the baton to the next generation and only work as a producer for “Top Gun 3”,

In addition to Miles Teller’s character Rooster, familiar faces from the second part could also return. Glen Powell’s Hangman and Jennifer Connelly’s Penny are possible candidates. But “Top Gun 3” could also introduce completely new pilots who have yet to prove themselves before they are accepted into the Navy’s legendary Top Gun squad.

Cameos by actors from the original film would also be conceivable. Tom Skerritt’s Mike “Viper” Metcalf or Jester, Cougar and Hollywood didn’t make an appearance in “Maverick,” but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t make a comeback in a third installment.

What could Top Gun 3 be about?

With Maverick and his charges ending the “enemy state” threat, new dangers await the squadron of Top Gun. A sequel should easily find possible locations for combat operations. Internally, it could become an interesting conflict if the debate about replacing pilots with combat drones continues.

Top Gun: Maverick, Charlie, Carole and Goose: Will a third part manage to tell the story that spans decades and generations in a coherent way and deliver new, fantastic pictures and action scenes?

Top Gun: Maverick, Charlie, Carole and Goose: Will a third part manage to tell the story that spans decades and generations in a coherent way and deliver new, fantastic pictures and action scenes? (Source:

A kind of test against machine piloted fighter planes could be envisaged, in which the Top Gun team would have to prove that only human pilots have the necessary instincts and skills required for their job. There is also a theory that in part 2 the villain for a third part was already revealed.

When can we expect “Top Gun 3”?

There are still no details from the production, nor an approximate start date of “Top Gun 3”. Without restrictions caused by the corona pandemic, however, filming could progress quickly. First, though, Tom Cruise would likely sit down with screenwriters and co-producers to tinker with the story behind Part Three. Hopefully we don’t have to wait another three decades for a Top Gun movie this time.

Beforehand, the director and cast of “Top Gun: Maverick” discussed the tough combat training and filming. Joseph Kosinski commented on this and said that “Maverick still has juice in the tank and probably doesn’t want to retire”. So the chances of an early “Top Gun 3” announcement are quite good.

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