Top meeting in Vilnius – NATO summit with many successes and individual discords – News


After the Olympic Games or World Cup, the organizers always claim that it was “the best competition ever”. Similar qualifications also creep in at political summit meetings. They are particularly questionable when they appear before the summit begins, as was the case at the NATO summit in Vilnius this week.

It is correct: This summit brought numerous and far-reaching results. Turkey is finally clearing the way for Sweden to join the western military alliance. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has indicated that after years of turning away, he is looking to get closer to the West. Sweden in, Turkey no longer a troublemaker – a double success for NATO.

The tough negotiations with the Turks also show that NATO failed to appoint a new boss. But instead extending the term of office of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg again was certainly not wrong. The breakthrough in the Sweden dossier is due to his persistence and his ability to deal with difficult heads of state and government.

New Defense Strategy: Emergency Warfare

A new defense strategy was also adopted at the Vilnius summit. Projects, such as the stronger and, above all, permanent NATO troop presence in Eastern Europe, which had previously been the subject of dispute for years, suddenly went through well. NATO is now once again empowered to wage war in Europe if necessary. Something she had forgotten after the end of the Cold War.

Further extensive military aid is promised to Ukraine. Measured specifically in millions and billions, in tanks, rockets and artillery. In the future, support should be permanent and not just on a case-by-case basis and then often with the dropper. The Ukraine is being brought on a NATO course militarily with Western weapons and logistics. Your army becomes alliance-compatible.

Accession of Ukraine: NATO members put the brakes on

On the question of Kiev’s NATO membership, however, the hesitant prevailed. Everyone knows, including President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, that accession in the middle of the war is out of the question. But why wasn’t there a mandatory invitation, effective once the war is over? Ukraine wants to be under the NATO umbrella as soon as possible. For them, this is the only sustainable security guarantee. As long as it remains in a gray area, it fears – with good reason – that the question of whether or not to join NATO could become a bargaining chip in peace talks with Russia. So Moscow would have a say.

But as long as US President Joe Biden is on the brakes on the accession issue, the Germans and others can hide behind him. To the chagrin of Ukraine and her close NATO members.

So the NATO meeting ended successfully overall, but not without discord. One can read on the buses in Vilnius this week: “While you are waiting here for the bus, Ukraine is waiting for F-16 fighter jets.” It could be added that it will probably have to wait even longer to join NATO.

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