Total: a free documentary questions the energy giant’s energy transition

Arte has broadcast and put online for free the documentary “The Total system, anatomy of a multinational energy company”, which analyzes the strategy and the future of the firm TotalEnergies.


Discover the documentary The Total System, anatomy of a multinational energy company, available free on, which studies the credibility of the firm TotalEnergies when it declares that it wants to become a major player in the energy transition.

Director Jean-Robert Viallet gives the floor to the CEO of Total, who has agreed to participate in the interview game, as well as engineers from the firm, but also scientists. The results are not rosy for Total, because the documentary takes concrete examples aimed at showing that the multinational does not respect human rights.

From its establishment in Central Africa through expropriations and the destruction of the local environment to the establishment of around thirty hydraulic fracturing wells to extract shale gas far too close to a small American town with probable consequences on the health of the inhabitants, the documentary suggests that TotalEnergies could do much better.

Everyone will have an opinion on viewing the film, which is available until January 6, 2023 on the Arte site.

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