TotalEnergies: continued price cap at the pump – 08/28/2023 at 08:08

( – TotalEnergies announces that it is continuing its commitment to its motorist customers, which guarantees that the price of diesel and gasoline will not exceed 1.99 euros per liter in all of its 3,400 service stations. service in France until the end of the year.

‘Today, 2,200 service stations out of 3,400 already benefit from this measure since the price of at least one fuel is currently capped at 1.99 euros per litre’, recalls the energy group.

It also announces its intention to create jobs for gas station attendants in 300 service stations by 2024, and to reopen stations in rural areas. It currently has nearly 1,150 rural stations in France, under the TotalEnergies Contact or Elan brand.

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