TotalEnergies proposes the renewal of the mandate of CEO Patrick Pouyanné

(AOF) – On the proposal of the Governance and Ethics Committee, TotalEnergies has unanimously decided that the renewal of the mandate of Patrick Pouyanné will be proposed to the General Assembly in May 2024. As part of the balanced governance implemented since 2015, it also unanimously decided that the renewal of the mandate of Jacques Aschenbroich, who has held the position of lead director since May 2023, will be proposed.

In addition, on the occasion of its annual strategic seminar held on September 20 & 21, 2023, the Board of Directors noted the relevance of the balanced multi-energy strategy implemented by the Company with regard to market developments. oil, gas and electricity.

Thanks to the refocusing of the oil and gas portfolio on assets and projects with a low break-even point and low greenhouse gas emissions and the diversification into electricity, particularly renewable, through an integrated strategy from production to customer, the Company is in a very favorable position to take advantage of changes in energy markets and prices.

At an equivalent barrel price, thanks to a breakeven point anchored below $25/bbl, TotalEnergies is a more efficient and profitable company today than 10 years ago since at an equivalent price, it generated cash in 2022 -additional flow of around $15 billion.

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