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New week and new predictions for TOTW 11 Team of the Week EA FC 24. As usual, EA will offer new IF cards following the results of the best professional players from last week. As a reminder, the five major women’s leagues are taken into account in the TOTW while the cards are now all 80 or more in overall rating. The developments are also more marked than in FIFA 23, making it possible to give more interest to these cards.

We therefore present to you our predictions for the new cards which will be available in the packs from Wednesday at 7 p.m.

Leaks : You can consult our article on all the leaks for the FUT mode of EA FC 24 to find out in advance the players who will be selected by EA.

Who do you think will be present in TOTW 11? Don’t hesitate to share your predictions with us in the comments!

Team Goalkeeper of the week 11

Lucas Chevalier, LOSC, Ligue 1

While Ligue 1 already has quite a few options in special goalkeeper cards, a new member should be added to the club. Lucas Chevalier is our selection in this Team of the Week 11 prediction following his very good performance against OL. Lille players have been undefeated since the end of September, in all competitions, despite duels against European clubs this year (OM, Toulouse, Lens).

Defender Predictions

Théo Hernandez, AC Milan, Serie A

Deprived of Giroud and Leao against Fiorentina, Théo Hernandez’s teammates were able to count on their excellent full-back. Extremely aggressive in his calls, the French international is the only scorer of the match. If this goal comes from a penalty that he transformed, Théo is also at the origin of the whistle with a superb deep call which forces his opponent to foul him. Currently a little behind among our list of the best defenders on EA FC 24, Théo would have the opportunity here to become Meta again via a TOTW card.

Pau Torres, Aston Villa, Premier League

A card that you have a lot of packs at the start of the season, Pau Torres could finally become more than a simple fodder 83. Indeed, the Spanish player was the author of a very good match against Tottenham, including a aim. Recently highlighted within the squad, Torres should nevertheless not become a playable option given the absence of defensive playing styles.

The Fields

Domenico Berardi, Sassuolo, Serie A

With at least two TOTW cards per season since FIFA 21, we can say that Berardi is used to our predictions. The Italian player could indeed obtain his second IF on EA FC 24 following his double against Empoli. Author of the winning goal at the end of the match, Berardi would approach a pretty nice card, especially since his first TOTW was a Featured version.

Dries Mertens, Galatasaray, Super Lig

If he already has a special card with a RTTK UCL, Dries Mertens seems destined to obtain a second one this season. The Belgian player dominated the debates during Galatasaray’s big victory against Alanyaspor. Author of 2 goals and an assist, Mertens should not be forgotten by EA in this TOTW 11.

Which Attackers in TOTW 11?

Khadija Shaw, Man City, Premier League F

Every week we look to include at least one woman in our Team of the Week predictions and for this TOTW 11, our pick is Shaw. The Man City player scored a hat-trick in the club’s very large victory against Tottenham (7-0), which should guarantee her an IF card. However, it would take an extraordinary boost to make it a playable option, as its Gold card is limited.

Morales, Villarreal, La Liga

As with Shaw, Morales completed the hat-trick by scoring all three Villarreal goals in their duel against Osasuna. This performance should allow him to obtain his first TOTW card since his arrival at Villarreal, after having been accustomed to the IF at Levante. However, there is little chance that this card will be interesting, but could be an excellent basis for future development.

Cards that could appear in TOTW 11

Here we list players who have a chance of appearing there but who, for various reasons, should miss EA’s selection. The point of listing these cards is to protect yourself from an investment point of view (see below) and thus potentially take some risks on less expected players.

  • Garnacho, Man United
  • Trent Alexander-Arnold, Liverpool
  • Marcus Tavernier, Bournemouth
  • Anthony Gordon, Newcastle
  • Di Lorenzo, Naples
  • Bourigeaud, Rennes
  • Caroline Hansen, Barcelona, ​​La Liga F
  • Mead, Arsenal, Premier League F
  • Santiago Gimenez, Feyenoord

How to get TOTW cards on EA FC 24?

TOTW cards are often interesting at high level but also for DCEs as well as for achieving specific objectives in friendly match mode. Therefore, even on players whose overall rating would be quite low, it is necessary to know how to obtain these TOTW cards on EA Sports FC 24.

The first source is obviously the transfer market, where you can find a player’s TOTW cards in special versions of their cards. Be careful though because IF cards sell for much more than the basic version. This is explained in particular by their rarity but also by the fact that the base price (in discards) is already quite high.

A second source remains Gold packs of the game, who have these special cards for a week (from Wednesday to the following Wednesday at 7 p.m.). Be careful because once this week has passed, it will be impossible to drop them in packs.

Finally, specific TOTW Packs will be present during the season in DCEalthough the latter are often unprofitable because they are completely random.

Investments linked to TOTW predictions on EA Sports FC 24

If the cards of the players selected in the Team of the Week are often good sources of investment, it is also possible to earn credits via the TOTW. Indeed, there are several methods for speculating on the market.

Thus, the simplest and most regular consists of bet on the normal Gold cards of current TOTW players. These are not present in the packs during the week, limiting the quantity of cards. If a player is looking to use these cards for DCEs or for their team, prices can rise sharply. So buy the cards in anticipation of this rise, speculating on TOTW’s predictions. This technique is called OOP (Out of Packs, understand outside of Packs) and also works for special cards in events. The more specific the card (major league, nation and rare position), the greater its potential. For example, a player like Jonathan Claus is very interesting because he is French, from Ligue 1 and in a relatively rare DD position on a Gold card. Therefore, his price in Gold version could easily triple in OOP.

Furthermore, another method is to analyze future good TOTW cards and thus speculate on cards related to them. For example, if Haaland receives a Team of the Week card, it’s likely that players will look to include him in their FUT roster. Thus, they will also seek to link this new card with other Premier League players, Man City players or even Norwegian players in order to create the best possible links. It is therefore possible to invest in cards allowing perfect links, just before the release of the new Team of the Week. This technique could become much more interesting given EA’s desire to make TOTW more Meta throughout the season.

Note that these two strategies require anticipating the market but also finding the right timing. Often, the cards to buy rise quickly, so you need to plan in advance who to buy. In addition, this period of increase will not last long, so it is necessary to play for a few days and quickly sell your cards.

You can find our trading tips and techniques in our guide dedicated to trading on EA Sports FC 24.

Here are our predictions for the players of the new team of the week TOTW 11 of EA Sports FC 24. If, as is often the case, EA will seek to confuse the issue by selecting slightly more obscure profiles, we are confident that the majority of the players listed above will be available as a special card on EA FC 24. As a reminder, TOTW 11 will be revealed officially Wednesday at 7 p.m..

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