Toulouse: a woman attacked by the “cannibal of the Pyrenees”, escaped from the psychiatric hospital

An investigation has been opened. In 2013, this former soldier killed a 90-year-old retiree by smashing his skull with a metal tool. He also claimed to have removed, cooked and eaten the heart and tongue of his victim.

The Toulouse prosecutor’s office opened an investigation on Friday January 21 for “attempted murder” after the attack on a septuagenarian by a man nicknamed the “cannibal of the Pyreneeswho had fled from the psychiatric hospital where he is interned. Jérémy Rimbaud, known as the “ cannibal of the Pyrenees“, had murdered then eaten the heart and the tongue of a nonagenarian in November 2013 in Nouilhan (Hautes-Pyrénées).

The victim, who was walking his dog in a residential area of ​​Toulouse around 10:00 p.m. Wednesday, “was hospitalized and suffers from broken arms and head wounds“, informed the Toulouse prosecutor Samuel Vuelta-Simon in a press release. He is a neighbor who,hearing screams and seeing a man armed with a long stick knocking a woman to the ground“Interposed to help her, specifies the same source.

Incoherent remarks

Surrounded by several neighbours, including one of them who would have pointed him with a rifle, the attacker would have made incoherent remarks, evoking “hellto justify his act. Arrested by the BAC and then placed in police custody, the attacker, a 34-year-old man, was quickly taken back to the Gérard Marchant psychiatric hospital in Toulouse, from where he had escaped a few hours earlier, “a doctor finding that his mental health was not compatible with police custody“.

The prosecution said it had opened an investigation for attempted order to continue the investigations and to verify the responsibility of the authorat the time of the facts. This former soldier, diagnosed with schizophrenia, suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder following his participation in the fighting in Afghanistan. In 2013, he killed a 90-year-old pensioner by smashing his skull with a metal tool, before attempting to burn him. He had also claimed to have taken, cooked and eaten the heart and the tongue of the nonagenarian, to whose home he had entered in the middle of the night. He mentioned “external forces», saying « having received orders by voices“. Psychiatric experts had unanimously considered that Jérémy Rimbaud “was suffering from a psychiatric disorder which completely abolished his discernment“. Declared irresponsible for his actions at the time of the events, he had not been tried and interned automatically.

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