Tour de France of miscellaneous facts – Double assassination in Cassis: two suspected lovers

“Les amants du Cap Canaille”, a story proposed by Christophe Hondelatte, is a criminal case in two stages. Because if the bones of the two victims were found at the same time, the corpses presented very distinct states of deterioration. In this unusual judicial file, there are two murders committed three years apart, but linked to the same man: a certain Jean-Claude Douliery.

No more signs of life

The first chapter of the story opens in 2001, with Dominique Ortis, a 30-year-old young woman. Passionate about horses, she lives on the family ranch in Allauch with her father. She is pregnant by her friend, Jean-Claude, a tall dark man with a scar on the brow bone, whom she has been seeing for seven months and with whom she intends to settle down soon. She spent the night of March 24 at his home in Marseilles, but had to leave the next morning to attend her family’s unmissable Sunday barbecue. However, when noon came, there was no sign of Dominique. We attack the dish without it, then the dessert: still nothing. Her father calls Jean-Claude, who nevertheless assures him that he has dropped her off at the metro station that very morning. Dominique’s fiancé doesn’t seem particularly worried about her disappearance.

The search is on. Dominique’s father contacts the police station, the hospitals, his daughter’s friends. His suspicions immediately turn to Jean-Claude, who shows a strange detachment vis-à-vis the situation, and whose words ring false. After three weeks without news from Dominique, the gendarmes inquire about the actions of Jean-Claude on the night of March 24. His telephone records reveal more than 60 phone calls exchanged with his mother, specifies Christophe Hondelatte in his story for “Hondelatte Raconte”.

Dominique’s father conducts his own investigation, and learns from relatives of his daughter that Jean-Claude’s mother constantly harassed her. Mother who would have, moreover, been the subject of an investigation in 1981 following the sudden death of her healthy 39-year-old husband… Are Jean-Claude and she complicit in the affair of the disappearance of Dominica?

“Your father is dead”

For several years, the elements of the investigation did not confirm this. The judge only has suspicions. In 2002, they were released despite being charged with kidnapping and forcible confinement. Jean-Claude Douliery then begins a new life: he moves in with his friend Jean-Pierre and his wife Béatrice. But tensions are not long in being born in this camera. Jean-Pierre has the impression that Jean-Claude has a crush on his wife! Indeed, she ends up asking for a divorce… To start a new life with Jean-Claude. And then, on March 16, 2005, Jean-Pierre disappeared. Arriving home, his daughter finds the house empty. A twist: it is his mother Beatrice who confesses. “Your father, he died. With Jean-Claude, we burned his things in a car. He was damn heavy to carry, and then it was not easy to clean.”

Faced with these shocking revelations, the investigation into the murderous lovers begins. Very quickly, Béatrice reveals where the corpse is. Jean-Claude would have thrown him from the top of Cap Canaille, so that he would fall into the creeks. At the scene of the crime, Béatrice collapses. She now claims to have simply helped Douliery to transport the body of her ex-husband, after having surprised him knife in hand on his way home, to avoid going there in turn…

Two corpses at the bottom of the cliff

The fact remains that when the body is discovered, the investigation switches again: there is not one, but two corpses at the bottom of the cliff! And the second is that of the famous Dominique Ortiz, who died in 2001…

Were the two murders really committed by Douliery? Was the assassination of Jean-Pierre ordered by a Béatrice wishing to get rid of her troublesome husband? Is it possible that Jean-Claude’s mother was an accomplice in Dominique’s assassination? To find out all the details of the story and find out who instrumentalized whom, listen to the episode imagined by Christophe Hondelatte and dedicated to this case in “Hondelatte Raconte” with guest Me Victor Gioia, lawyer for the civil parties.

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