Tour stop in Hof – Thorsteinn Einarsson rocks in his adopted country

On Friday the musician Thorsteinn Einarsson, who grew up in Salzburg, will present his new album “EINARSSON”. On April 2nd he will perform in Hof as part of his tour. When he was still an apprentice cook here in his youth, he would never have dreamed that he would now be on stage in front of hundreds of fans.

“After the concert, I will take a photo with every fan or sign them an autograph. I’m serious,” Thorsteinn Einarsson explains to the “Krone”. “I have a very special connection to Salzburg. I grew up here for a few years and did an apprenticeship as a cook,” says the 26-year-old musician. Born in Iceland, it is not a matter of course that his professional journey will one day take him in a completely different direction. “There have been a number of setbacks. But I took that as a reason for my new album. You can hear very personal songs on it,” explains Einarsson. And yes, it really does give you a deep insight. Einarsson deals with struggles with inner demons and the resulting liberation in what is now his third long player. The artist describes the process of making the album as a kind of self-therapy. The young artist is much happier about his performance in Hof: “The Salzburg audience is a good listener. So I’m sure they know exactly what I’m singing about,” says Einarsson.
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