Tourist traffic across the Alps – At times, up to 10 km of traffic jams in front of the Gotthard – heading north – News

  • In the afternoon, the TCS traffic service reported a ten-kilometer traffic jam on the A2 motorway in front of the Gotthard south portal due to traffic congestion.
  • There are now four kilometers of traffic jams north between Quinto and Airolo.
  • The time lost is around 50 minutes, as TCS writes on Twitter.

According to the Touring Club Schweiz (TCS), the cars were backed up at 3 p.m. from Faido TI to Airolo TI in a northerly direction. A breakdown vehicle in the tunnel was to blame – which is why a temporary closure was necessary.

Waiting times were also to be expected north of the Gotthard tunnel. Between Amsteg and Göschenen, the traffic jam to the south was never more than five kilometers until 3 p.m. The waiting time was up to 50 minutes.

The need to catch up on vacation leads to traffic jams

From July to mid-September, drivers must expect major traffic delays due to holiday traffic on the weekends. According to the Federal Roads Office (Astra), this is due on the one hand to the need to catch up for vacation trips after the corona-related restrictions and to problems at airports.

In ten cantons, at least some of the school holidays have already begun. Towards the south, the Astra expects traffic jams and disabilities, especially in July and August, as announced on Friday. To the north it should be resinous from mid-July to mid-September.

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