towards 4 weeks of confined February vacation for all?

Rumors of a third lockdown are making headlines. The first question they face: the closure of schools. Some think it would be wiser, others suggest consolidating and extending school holidays to stop the spread.

While the national curfew at 6 p.m. has been in place for more than a week on French territory – and does not delight the French at all, because some find it difficult to understand it – rumors of a third confinement are erupting in the news. Would it be partial containment like the second, or full containment like the one in March? The questions are numerous and worry the French. Indeed, a re-containment would be extremely painful for most.

What about the future of schools?

Until then, the government had already more or less positioned itself on the future of the schools, believing that they could remain open, in the event of a third lockdown.

But new proposals are coming to the fore. Indeed, the president of the scientific council Jean-François Delfraissy, very worried by the variants of the virus which “completely change the game", As he said to BFMTV, proposes the idea of ​​regrouping and extending the February school holidays. The goal, "be in better conditions for the beginning of March to reopen the schools”. The best, according to epidemiologists, would be to start the holidays at the same time for all areas, and extend them by one to two weeks. Weeks that will undoubtedly be made up for during the summer holidays (great!).

Of course, Jean-François Delfraissy is aware that the decision rests with the Ministry responsible for the issue. It simply tries to guide the choices towards the best solution for all.

A return to normal in the near future?

It would appear from the figures that France is the country of Europe in “The best health situation", With Italy. But that doesn't mean the situation is good. Many controversies exist around the vaccine and its effectiveness against the variants of Covid-19. In addition, the pharmaceutical industry is unable to supply en masse, which is a real obstacle to improving the situation.

The wait is difficult, and many French people want to return to normal life. Quite simply.

Cecile Fischer

Initially a fashion student, Cécile slowly turned to journalism, which she found more sincere. She is an editor for aufeminin and Parole de mamans, proud to write for committed media.

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