towards a third generalized dose and a return to teleworking?


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On Wednesday, November 24, the Health Defense Council will meet to discuss possible measures in the face of the resumption of the Covid-19 epidemic in France. According to LCI, some could be announced the same day.

For some time now, France has plunged into the fifth wave of the Covid-19 epidemic. Are we embarking on a third dose of the generalized vaccine?

From November 24, the Health Defense Council will meet to discuss it. According to a government adviser, interviewed by LCI, a schedule for administering a booster dose “by stages and by age group” may be put in place. LCI specifies, however, that it will not (for the moment) be extended to all citizens. As a reminder, from December 15, people 65 and over will have to have their third dose to keep their health pass if the primary vaccination dates back more than six months. “On the other hand, if the 50-64 year olds will be offered a third dose from December 1, their obligation to do so to keep the health pass, is not yet considered.“, adds LCI. In an opinion issued on November 19, the High Authority for Health (HAS) also recommends a third dose of the vaccine for people 40 years of age and over.”The latest studies indeed suggest a benefit for this age group.“, explains HAS in its report.

For his part, during an interview published in the newspaper La Voix du Nord, Emmanuel Macron specified that “if it turns out that a third dose is effective and necessary for other audiences, obviously, we will integrate it into the logic of the past.

Reinforcement of measures already in place

Also according to LCI, the Health Defense Council should not opt ​​for new restrictive measures, but rather a strengthening of those already in place. May those who feared a return from work at home to 100% be reassured: “The executive does not seem willing to push for a general return to telework“, writes the media, citing its government source.

As for the wearing of the mask, it should make a comeback in “certain places open to the public where it had sometimes been abandoned“, always according to LCI. The rules being different according to the regions and the types of places, the government wishes to clarify the situation. The suspense will end very soon at the end of the Health Defense Council.

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