Tower of Fantasy: Alyss, the next SSR character who panics the Chinese server

Tower of Fantasy developers are working hard to make the global version “catch up” with the Chinese version as soon as possible. And that’s one of the reasons why fans follow the Chinese server very closely, especially its new characters. Very recently, the simulacrum of Alyss, an ice DPS, was programmed on the Chinese version. With his unorthodox fighting style, the character makes players salivate, including in the West, where he will not come out right away.

When will Alyss be released on ToF?

Alyss will be released on Chinese servers on October 1, 2022. So don’t expect it to join our Western version for a few months. That being said, the developers’ goal is to reduce the lag between the two versions, and the mock output on the global version is dense.

No blade needed

As we can see in the trailer above, Alyss enjoys a very dynamic gameplay, and has the particularity of “fighting” almost exclusively with kicks. Its gameplay is therefore off the beaten track, and shows the efforts made by Hotta Studio to create surprise on the Chinese version.

Stat monster approaching?

Alyss is an upcoming SSR simulacrum on the Chinese version, and we know that the latter is already under the influence of a power leveling intense since the beginning of Tower of Fantasy. Clearly, the publisher must release ever more powerful characters so that the fans continue to invoke them. Suffice to say that Alyss is likely to be very impressive on paper, as the very last character of the Chinese version, which will not yet have suffered a nerf.

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