Tower of Fantasy: Free SSR, how to get one?

SSRs are highly coveted, as they allow you to get your hands on Simulacrums and hopefully one of the best. However, not all players may be aware that it is possible to get an SSR for free at the start of the game, thanks to the generosity of the developers, namely Hotta Studio. We explain the procedure to you.

How to get a free SSR on Tower of Fantasy?

Many events are organized on the occasion of the launch of Tower of Fantasy, and one of them must be scrutinized carefully. After doing the introduction and evolving a little in the world of RPG, you will have to complete the quest “Intruder of the ecological station”. You will then unlock the “Navigating the Starry Path” event, which allows you to complete a series of challenges, with the aim of collecting reward points.

Each tier grants a reward, and with 700 points, which is not the highest tier, you will automatically unlock an SSR. It’s more specifically an SSR weapon box, which gives you a chance to get one of the most powerful Simulacrums in Tower of Fantasy.

Other rewards are also provided through this time-limited event, since it is possible to recover Gold Nuclei, ideal for trying to summon other Simulacrums, through banners. As for the event, know that it is only available for three weeks, from the date of release. So you have until 1er September 2022 to get 700 points in the Navigate the Starry Path event and get this famous Free SSR.

In the meantime, remember that Tower of Fantasy codes are available from time to time, in order to recover in-game bonuses. You can also consult our tier list of the best Simulacra, to give you an idea of ​​who to choose.

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