Towerborne: a solo or cooperative action-adventure game announced exclusively on Xbox and PC from the creators of The Banner Saga

THE Xbox Games Showcase of this Sunday made it possible to lift the veil on several secret projects. Among them, the famous Project Belfry of Stoic Studiocreator of The Banner Sagawhich will be published on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC by Xbox Game Studiosand whose real name will be Towerbone.

It will bean action and adventure game calibrated for cooperationwhich will invite us to explore the surroundings of the Belfrylast bastion of humanity, alone or with up to 3 friends, to challenge monsters, recruit Umbras to fight alongside us, get experience and resources to improve our skills and equipment, find rare weapons and more. The difficulty of each expedition and the rewards it can bring us can be calibrated, and the content is destined to evolve with additional content and a map changing with the seasons. The first trailer thus reveals a colorful universe, with an aesthetic reminiscent of Japanese animation.

The Belfry stands as a beacon of hope and safety amidst the ruins of humanity and the City of Numbers, as monsters lurk just outside the tower walls. You are a champion, back from the spirit world with the skills, courage, and determination to protect the inhabitants of the Belfry. With your spiritual companions fighting alongside you, you are ready for battle.

Can you become the champion humanity needs to survive? Find out in Towerborne, the new action-adventure game from Stoic, the studio behind the award-winning Banner Saga trilogy.

  • Cooperative Adventure – Explore the surroundings of the Belfry alone or with up to three other champions* to defeat the horrors that threaten the tower. Either way, you won’t be alone. Champions can recruit Umbras to accompany them in battle, granting them enhanced abilities and unique skills tied to each spirit. After fighting off the waves of enemies, return to the Belfry to turn in your quests, reforge your gear, and more.
  • Confront the Wild Lands – Towerborne was designed with player choice in mind. Create your champion by customizing your appearance, gear, and weapons. Alter your gameplay experience at any time by changing your danger level as you venture into the wild lands. Find and master powerful weapons with unique special attacks from four styles: War Maces, Gauntlets, Dual Daggers, and Swords and Shields. Vary the associations to make your champion your own!
  • Carry on the fight – With an evolving world map and seasonal content, your champion will never run out of areas to explore and enemies to defeat. Towerborne Seasons extend the story of the Belfry by introducing new enemies to fight, regions to explore, skills to master and story to discover (available upon release).

*Console online multiplayer requires Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Live Gold (subscriptions sold separately).

Towerbone screenshot 5 towerbone key art Towerbone screenshot 3Towerbone screenshot 2 Towerbone screenshot 4 Towerbone screenshot 1

Towerbone is announced for 2024 on PC via Steam and the Microsoft StoreXbox One and Xbox Series X|S, and it will be added to the Game Pass from its launch.

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