TPMP: Benjamin Castaldi announces with emotion that he will become a grandfather! (VIDEO)

This Thursday, January 13 in Do not touch My TV, Benjamin Castaldi announced that he was going to become a grandfather, provoking the congratulations of Cyril Hanouna and the other columnists.

Benjamin Castaldi is a happy father with his two sons. The first named Julien was born in 1996 and over the years he has become a digital influencer. Her second boy, Simon, was born in 2001 and the young man has done several reality TV shows and made appearances in season 4 of Princes and princesses of love. Very active on social networks, the young man had criticized Do not touch My TV, provoking the anger of Cyril Hanouna who had declared: “Benjamin Castaldi’s son, Simon, who took everything from his father except intelligence. Your son, he’s not putting one in at the moment (…)”. On his side, Julien Castaldi is much more discreet and continues its influencer activities on Instagram. Last May, the young man announced his engagement with his companion Kiara who has shared his life for three years. The two lovebirds had moved in together after six months and even adopted a little dog named Boo.

A big announcement made in TPMP !

This Thursday, January 13, Cyril Hanouna presented a new issue of Do not touch My TV live on C8. During the show, the host offered his columnists to play The pookie box. The principle is simple: each columnist reveals on a piece of paper a secret about another columnist. What give some crisp sequences to viewers. During the broadcast, Gilles Verdez said that Benjamin Castaldi had been hiding a big family secret for several weeks. The former presenter Secret Story then declared that his son Julien is going to be a dad. The host dropped, moved: “I’m going to be a grandpa!”

“Grandpa Castaldi!”

Then, Benjamin Castaldi added: “My new nickname is going to be ‘papi Castaldi’, it’s going to be great, it will happen in July. We don’t know the gender yet, but there you go. I am very happy for them, they are very cute. I’m very happy, it moved me, I’m still going to be a grandfather”.

Do not touch My TV, to be found in full on the application myCANAL.

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