TPMP: Cyril Hanouna defends Laurent Ruquier after his controversial remarks and tackle Sophia Aram (VIDEO)

On January 10, 2022, Cyril Hanouna spoke directly to Laurent Ruquier in Do not touch My TV on C8 in order to defend himself following the chronicle of Sophia Aram earlier in the day on France Inter.

A statement that did not go unnoticed. On January 10, 2022, Cyril Hanouna wished to support his friend Laurent Ruquier, blasted for attacking the “television set doctors”, many to give their opinion during this pandemic. “He had a hell of a pair of eyes!”, commented the C8 presenter, believing that the political atmosphere prevented artists from expressing their opinion. But that’s not all. The latter also rebelled against the radio column of one of his colleagues, Sophia Aram, who did not hesitate to describe Laurent Ruquier as a capricious child the same day on France Inter. “It’s complicated, but I assure you that if it’s within the reach of a 6th grader, focus you should get there“, she chanted. The opportunity to discover that between the radio host and Cyril Hanouna, it is not great love …

Cyril Hanouna tackles Sophia Aram in TPMP

By fixing the camera lens, the host of TPMP sent a somewhat specific message of support to his friend Laurent Ruquier. “Laurent, know it, when you get screwed by Sophia Aram, it’s rather good news! It’s a medal even”, he declared, supported by all the columnists around the table. And to add a layer on his colleague of the public service: “When you get knocked out by people without talent, that’s pretty good news.” But what happened between the two personalities?

“We haven’t called her back. Since then, she has a grudge against us!”

The troublemaker of C8 wanted to explain where this quarrel came from between the radio host and him: “Sophia Aram hates us. But you know why she hates us? I’ll tell you. At the time, she had tried to join the Comedy band. As it was catastrophic, Dominique Farrugia, the entire channel and myself, we did not call her back. Since then, she has a grudge against us and she always gives us a little one “, he asserted. A war ended with the words of Raymond Aabou: “And then, it is not because he criticizes the vaccine that he is anti-vaccine. On the contrary!”

Do not touch My TV, to be found in full on the application myCANAL.

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