TPMP: Two columnists closer than we thought, revelations

He is undoubtedly one of the most emblematic chroniclers of Do not touch My TV (C8). Since 2016, Benjamin Castaldi collaborates with pleasure with Cyril Hanouna. He does not hesitate to reveal his opinion without language of wood. And despite some clashes with some of his colleagues, he maintains good relations with them. And one of his great friendships may well surprise.

Like his colleague Isabelle Morini-Bosc before him, Benjamin Castaldi lent himself to the game of the interview with Jordan de Luxe for his show At Jordan’s, for TV Entertainment. And as usual, Aurore Aleman’s husband was very frank when asked about his relationship with the rest of the team. Do not touch My TV. “I have no enemy. Or if I have one, I don’t know“, he first assured. He, on the other hand, has still not forgotten the day when Agathe Auproux called him “facho” during their heated argument when discussing the Mennel affair, former candidate of The Voice. “But at the same time, she wasn’t completely wrong. Sometimes it’s very violent. And it’s true that my little comrades, unlike me, they lack shielding (…) We’re not here for fake. But when some are hurt, or take it badly, you want to say ‘Hey man, do your job!‘” he admitted.

When he’s not on set Do not touch My TVBenjamin Castaldi is near some people including Jean-Michel Maire, Kelly Vedovelli, Cyril Hanouna and, surprise, Gilles Verdez. “He is with me three times a week. We work the show together“The 52-year-old revealed. So their often strained on-air relationship means nothing.”I am close to (Valérie) Benaïm, (Géraldine) Maillet and (Guillaume) Genton. I am not close to Danielle Moreau. I’m not necessarily close to (Isabelle) Morini-Bosc, but I like her“, he concluded. Thus, his audience now knows everything!

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