“Trade unionists give the impression of sitting on the interests of the French”, loose Gabriel Attal

Guest of the “Grand Rendez-vous” Europe1 / CNews / Les Echos, the Minister of Public Accounts Gabriel Attal returned to the continuation of the strike in five TotalEnergies refineries. He considers “unacceptable” the continuation of blockades despite the establishment of majority agreements between the strikers and TotalEnergies.

The Minister of Public Accounts Gabriel Attal judged Sunday “unacceptable the continuation of blockages” in five TotalEnergies refineries “even though majority agreements have been found to increase wages”, during the “big meeting” Europe1 / CNews / The echoes.

“Of course there is a right to strike, but at some point the country must also be able to function. What is certain is that you have a few trade unionists who sometimes give the impression of sitting on the interests of millions French,” said the minister on Sunday.

“I respect the Constitution and the right to strike (…). In this case, wage discussions had been announced. They were even brought forward so that they could be held more quickly, despite the majority agreement which was found, there is indeed a union which continues to block. I find that incomprehensible”, he continued.

He also believes that certain “blockages are a disturbance to public order and it is in this context that requisitions have been decided”.

“We have taken the necessary measures”

According to Gabriel Attal, the government’s response to the fuel crisis was adequate: “we have to make the right requisitions at the right time and in the right place and that’s what we’re doing now”.

“We put very strong pressure on companies and unions to get them around the table. Elisabeth Borne spent her week on the phone or in meetings with company leaders and unions. We took the necessary measures to improve the situation by having more trucks circulating by importing fuel from Belgium”, continues the Minister.

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