Trailer After 4: the couple Tessa and Hardin in crisis at the end of the sulphurous saga

Scheduled on Prime Video by the end of the year, the fourth and final installment of the After saga is revealed a little more with a new trailer where the couple Tessa and Hardin face their ultimate obstacles.

Thought out in four parts, the After saga follows the tumultuous love story between Tessa (Josephine Langford) and Hardin (Hero Fiennes-Tiffin). This tortuous relationship between two terrible lovers is taken from Anna Todd’s literary series of the same name, which was a real success, especially with teenage audiences.

And fans will soon discover the outcome of this sulphurous and toxic romance with the fourth and final installment After 4. After several teasers, a new trailer was recently unveiled and we are beginning to understand the plot of this final chapter.

The already complicated relationship between Tessa and Hardin will be shaken by shocking revelations about their respective families. Before being entitled to a happy ending, the two lovebirds will have to meet new obstacles and question the stability of their couple.

Above all, we learn that Hardin secretly wrote a book about their relationship – obviously called After – for which the publishing houses are fighting, according to the young man. We can not do more meta as an end to this saga, which should have less toxic scenes than in the book thanks to the fans.

Among other footage from the trailer, we can see that Tessa and Hardin will once again take a break and get away from each other to better find each other in sultry new sequences – which are supposed to do the salt of this saga – but also a doctor’s appointment for Tessa, who will surely be pregnant, if the film follows the last novel.

Filmed in Bulgaria following the third part, After 4 has already been in the box for some time and should be released in cinemas in August in certain countries, such as Spain and Italy. This latest film directed by Castille Landon will be released directly on Amazon Prime Video in France in 2022.

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