Trailer Walking Dead final season: spectacular images announce the end of the series

A trailer for the final episodes of the “Walking Dead” series was released last night; the third part of season 11 can be found exclusively on OCS from Monday, October 3!

The third and last part of the final season of Walking Dead will be broadcast on Sunday evening in the United States, and Monday morning on the French side. As we know, the end of the horror series will not quite mark the outcome of the plot, several spin-offs centered on Daryl, Maggie and Negan having already been announced, to the chagrin of Jeffrey Dean Morgan .

Despite everything, the conclusion of The Walking Dead will mark the end of an era for American cable television, and even though the series has experienced significant audience drops in recent years, remember that it was, at its peak, one of the most popular American series of the last ten years.

A few days before the start of this season 11 part 3, the American channel AMC unveiled a new trailer, playing on the nostalgia of viewers, but also on the suspense of possible deaths. Which characters will survive this climax?

Answer from Monday, October 3, exclusively on OCS Choc and on the OCS platform on demand!

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