Train stays in the Zimmerberg: 400 passengers in the tunnel

On the Thalwil-Zug route in the canton of Zurich, technical problems on Friday caused around 400 passengers to be stuck in a train for several hours. Instead of rescue, there was initially a power failure.

Recording from the breakdown train – passengers were stuck for hours, then also in the dark.


pop. In the Zimmerberg tunnel on the Thalwil-Zug route in the canton of Zurich, around 400 passengers in a defective train had to wait for several hours on Friday afternoon until they were freed – most recently in the dark. As a passenger reported to the NZZ, the train came to a standstill at around 3:30 p.m. in the middle of the Zimmerberg. The exact cause of the breakdown was initially unclear. The driver tried to start. But in vain.

About an hour later, a rescue train was coupled to pull the wagons out of the tunnel. However, there were also technical problems. According to the passenger, the power also went out, so the passengers had to wait in the dark. The towing maneuver was only successful after a total of almost two hours and the passengers were able to change trains in Zug.

The SBB point out the fact on their homepage. As a result, there were delays, cancellations and diversions. The lines EC, IC2, IR75, IR70, IR46, and S24 were affected.

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