Trains are canceled due to technical problems

Due to a disruption, trains were canceled on the entire Gotthard line in the morning. The problem has been fixed, from 9 a.m. all traffic should be running again.

Nothing works anymore on the Gotthard: Due to a technical fault, the trains are standing still.

Gaetan Bally / KEYSTONE

no. Rail traffic on the Gotthard line was interrupted early Tuesday morning due to a technical fault, and there were no more trains between Flüelen and Biasca. The problem has now been rectified. According to the SBB, the first trains are running again, and traffic should be back to normal from 9 a.m. However, delays and isolated cancellations must still be expected.

Due to the disruption, IC2 only ran to Arth-Goldau in the north, and was completely canceled in Ticino. In addition, the IC21 ran north to Flüelen and south to Biasca, the EC drove north to Flüelen and south to Bellinzona. The IR26 only ran to Flüelen in the north and was completely canceled in Ticino. The S2 failed between Erstfeld and Flüelen.

“Travel to Ticino is not recommended,” wrote the SBB on Twitter. “We can expect massive delays. Travelers to Italy travel via Bern-Lötschberg-Brig.» According to the SBB, replacement buses also ran between Flüelen and Biasca, but they only had extremely low capacities.

In its message, SBB asks its customers for their understanding. One is present at the train stations in the region to inform the passengers.

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