Trash: what we risk if we throw away plant waste from the garden: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Our bio-waste represents a third of our residual household waste, assesses Ademe (Environment and Energy Management Agency). Or 180 kg, on average, per year and per inhabitants. So, what to do with all this waste? If for some sorting comes naturally, this is not necessarily the case for others.

Do not throw your green waste in the trash

In French law, non-compliance with sorting and recycling instructions is governed by the Penal Code. It is article R632-1 which defines the terms of sanctions when a person does not respect the rules for sorting and recycling or depositing waste. If you throw your green waste in the trash, you are then liable to a fine of 35 euros, which can be increased to 75 euros if you do not pay your fine within the allotted time, “within 45 days following the finding of the offense“, we can read on the Public Service website.

How to get rid of green waste?

If it is also prohibited to burn green waste in the open air or to abandon it in nature – under penalty of a large fine – other solutions are possible. Fortunately, the disposal of green waste is taken care of free of charge by the public service through recycling centers. We must also not forget the sorting at source of bio-waste, compulsory since January 1, 2024.

Go to the recycling center

The first solution to getting rid of your green waste is to go to a recycling center. Contact your nearest facility to verify that they can be dropped off. Be careful, some recycling centers accept branches of a certain diameter! All the plant waste that you take to the recycling center is crushed and recycled in green spaces or in the agricultural sector.


The second solution is to compost your green waste. Install a bin in your garden and place dead leaves, vegetable peelings and other mowed grass. Don’t hesitate to add coffee grounds and other canine excrement. A biological process will allow you to obtain an excellent ecological fertilizer.

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