Travel warning for Spain: These popular destinations are not (yet) affected

The Federal Foreign Office has declared two other regions in Spain to be risk areas. Mallorca is not (yet) one of them.

The number of people infected with Corona is rising again not only in Germany. In the popular holiday destination of Spain, several sources of infection are currently developing, because of which the Federal Foreign Office is now forced to extend the travel warning for Spain again. "Unnecessary, tourist trips" to the capital Madrid and the Spanish part of the Basque Country are now also urgently advised against, according to the agency's website.

Since July, the travel warning has also been in place for three other regions of Spain: Catalonia, Aragón and Navarra. However, the Federal Foreign Office has not yet issued a warning for the German travel destination par excellence, Mallorca. And the Canaries are currently still considered safe. In both cases, however, that could change quickly, and there, too, the number of cases is increasing, writes the German-language "Mallorca Zeitung".

A city or region is classified as unsafe if it exceeds the recently introduced guideline of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants. Anyone traveling back to Germany from the regions mentioned must undergo a "free, compulsory PCR test".