Treating Mallorca acne • What helps against summer acne?

Most people know about sunburn. However, some respond particularly strongly to the ultraviolet radiation from the sun: Your skin reacts with pimples, the so-called Mallorca acne. What helps, which home remedies work and how you can prevent them: Lifeline explains.

Oily skin and sun creams can intensify or trigger Mallorca acne.

Mallorca acne is a form of light or sun allergy. In reality, the symptoms are not an allergy, but a special form of so-called "light dermatosis" or "sun eczema".

Mallorca acne or other diseases of the "sun allergic" form group affect an estimated 20 percent of the population, especially women and young people with oily skin.

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Home remedies for sunburn: This relieves the pain acutely!

Home remedies for sunburn: This relieves the pain acutely!

Symptoms: How does Mallorca acne manifest itself?

Those who suffer from Mallorca acne are hypersensitive to a combination of sunscreen and UV radiation. As a result, new connective tissue around the hair follicles forms, millimeter-sized, weeping nodules develop.

Skin areas such as the upper arms, shoulders, upper back, décolleté and neck are particularly affected. Mallorca acne is less common on the face and neck.

Unlike real acne, there are no purulent inflammations. But summer acne is accompanied by excruciating itching.

Causes of Mallorca acne: sun and fat

Mallorca acne, also called "sun acne" or "acne aestivalis", arises when people lie in the sun for a long time without having used their skin to UV radiation beforehand and when, in addition to the sun, fat, usually through sunscreen, comes into play is coming.

Free radicals are generated by intensive UV radiation. The reactive molecules combine with the skin fat from the sebaceous glands. The released substances activate the immune system, which in turn is responsible for the excessive reaction of the skin.

Emulsifiers or certain fats in sun creams or personal care products intensify this reaction and lead to unpleasant symptoms such as nodules, wheals and reddening of the skin. But detergents, household cleaners and perfume are also potential triggers of Mallorca acne.

The sun pimples are rarer side effects of special photochemotherapy for severe psoriasis or neurodermatitis.

Treatment of Mallorca acne

Anyone who notices the first signs of Mallorca acne for themselves, it means: get out of the sun immediately and stop using oily sunscreens.

Prescription-free oral antihistamines relieve the itching in Mallorca acne. In severe cases, the symptoms can also be treated with acne agents such as benzoyl peroxide and adapalene. Under no circumstances should you push around Mallorca acne or give in to itching and scratch. That only aggravates the symptoms.

There is no evidence that external treatment with glucocorticoids or oral antibiotics could help with Mallorca acne.

Home remedies for Mallorca acne

There are a number of proven home remedies for Mallorca acne. These include:

  • Cooling – but not too strong – is good for Mallorca acne. A cold pack or cold envelopes make sense.

  • Quark wrap: To do this, spread cold quark on a clean cotton cloth and place the whole thing on the affected skin areas.

  • Medicinal plants such as witch hazel and oak bark soothe the skin in Mallorca acne. Prepare a brew from it, let it cool, soak a clean cloth with it and dab the affected skin areas again and again.

  • Chamomile extract relieves Mallorca acne. Dab the affected areas with a little diluted, cold extract. Chamomile also fights inflammation.

How long does it take to heal Mallorca acne?

The two most important measures, i.e. avoiding sun exposure and avoiding fatty creams, usually lead to a spontaneous abatement of Mallorca acne.

Mallorca acne usually heals within a few weeks without scarring. As long as the skin is recovering and the rash is recovering, the affected body surface should be protected from further sun exposure with clothing in order not to delay the healing process.

Prevent Mallorca acne

Especially people who know that they react to intense UV radiation with a rash or acne pustules should get their skin used to the sun carefully. It is taboo whether at home or in the distance, the intense midday sun, shade is always preferred. This applies not only to people sensitive to the sun, but also to everyone else to prevent skin cancer, sunburn and sunstroke.

The right sunscreen for Mallorca acne

To prevent Mallorca acne, the sunscreen should also be chosen carefully. Fatty products and sun creams with emulsifiers are less suitable. Grease-free sunscreens are better, preferably in gel form or as a spray.

Perfumed products should also be avoided, because the fragrances additionally irritate the skin under the influence of UV rays.

Sunscreen products with UV filters made of zinc oxide and titanium oxide, which are gentle on sensitive skin, are recommended for those with a tendency to Mallorca acne.