Treatment & home remedies in children

Author: Monika Preuk, medical writer
Last updated: August 16, 2021

They are a common disease in children, but adults can also be affected: warts are the size of a pinhead to a pea and are extremely contagious. They are particularly disturbing in the genital area. Options for treating dellar warts range from tincture to surgery.

Dellular warts (here in the picture) do not occur individually, but rather in clusters, they typically grow in the crooks of the arms and the hollows of the knees. as well as in children.

They are among the most common skin diseases in children: pelvic warts (medicinally, molluscs, mollusca contagiosa, singular molluscum contagiosum) are usually only a few millimeters in size. The skin-colored warts grow mainly on the hands, in the crooks of the arms, the hollows of the knees and on the upper body, often in groups or lines. The main risk factor for the development of skin changes is a weak immune system, such as in the case of an HIV infection.

At a glance:

Identify skin diseases with these images

Identify skin diseases with these images

Dell warts are extremely contagious

Dell warts do not itch or hurt and are sometimes very stressful for those affected. As the name suggests, they resemble a dent, so they are slightly indented in the middle. Their surface is soft. In the middle under the dent is the so-called mollusc mush, which can be expressed and is just as contagious as the surface of the wart.

It can take several days from contact with the virus to the onset of the warts, but also a few months – depending on how well the immune system is working.

The molluscum contagiosum virus, which is one of the smallpox viruses, is the trigger for the warts. If the skin barrier or the immune system is weakened, the virus can spread quickly from one infected person to another. This does not always have to take place in direct body contact, a smear infection is also possible. The virus reaches previously healthy skin through shared objects, such as towels, but also in the swimming pool. If the skin is very dry or there are minor injuries, the virus penetrates and triggers dellar warts.

Recognize skin diseases in children

Recognize skin diseases in children

Dellular warts in children: where do they come from?

Children in particular often have pelvic warts. The reason for this: In children, the protective skin barrier is not yet as pronounced and stable as in adults.

Other risk factors for pelvic warts in children include

Dellar warts in the genital area

A particular problem are pelvic warts in the genital area. It mostly affects adults who have become infected with the wart virus during sexual intercourse. Although the warts rarely cause problems in other parts of the body, they can be extremely uncomfortable in the genital area. Not only that the underwear and tight-fitting pants rub against the warts and they can spread further. Any sexual activity is extremely stressful because the warts are simply a nuisance – and infect the partner.

This is what the treatment of dellar warts looks like

Sometimes the warts recede on their own and heal completely. However, targeted treatment is usually necessary. The right place to go is a dermatological practice (dermatologist). There are several ways to treat pelvic warts:

  • A tincture with twice a day Potassium hydroxide or Salicylic acid gel Instruct. With this treatment, the warts will disappear after about two weeks, depending on their size.

  • Icing of the warts with liquid nitrogen (Cryotherapy).

  • Surgical removal of the warts with a sharp spoon (curettage) or tweezers. Local anesthesia is necessary for this.

  • Laser treatment

Absolutely safe disinfection is important after every treatment, otherwise the virus will spread further.

Does tea tree oil help against dellar warts?

If it is only a small wart, a try with tea tree oil can be useful. The vegetable oil contains highly effective phytochemicals, the terpenes. They make tea tree oil smell so strong and have an antiseptic effect.

To treat pelvic warts with the oil, you should dab the wart twice a day. Use cotton swabs and never touch the wart directly, it is contagious. If you are lucky, the tea tree oil treatment will dissolve the wart. However, there are also people who are allergic to tea tree oil.

Other home remedies for warts

There are also a number of other home remedies that can be helpful for pelvic warts. The following applies to everyone: It is essential to avoid direct contact with the wart in order not to spread the virus.

Tips and home remedies for warts:

  • clove of garlic Cut open, press through and spread garlic pulp on the wart.

  • Trickle Lemon juice on the wart. Vinegar has a similar effect.

  • Celandine juice (Pharmacy) can also work against dellar warts.

  • Also the Urine treatment can be an option.

If the warts do not respond to these methods, medical advice should definitely be sought. Even if the wart doesn’t bother you – other people can get infected.

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