Tree puzzle: how many faces do you find in this picture?

Picture puzzle
How many faces do you find in this tree?

How many faces do you see


Several faces are hidden in this mysterious tree. Can you solve the gnarled tree puzzle?

We encounter optical illusions again and again on the Internet, but only a few have such a background …

The picture that we see here as a riddle was not originally intended as an optical illusion, but is a painting by an unknown artist from 1880. According to tradition, it is said to have drawn British rulers of the time.

He probably would not have expected that his work of art would turn into a riddle – and certainly not that it would still move the masses almost 140 years later!

If you take a closer look at the picture, the branches not only form a tree, but also faces. Finding them all is pretty complicated, though – or how many do you see?

Two faces can be seen quite clearly, with a little more effort you might discover one or two – or even more? How many are hidden there in total? Can you crack the tree code? The resolution is in the video above

Source used: archive material

LS / Rosita Sorokowski