Trench coat trends 2021: We don’t want to do without these 6 models this autumn

Trench coat trends 2021
We’ll be relying on these styles in autumn

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It’s that time again this autumn: We’ll show you the trench coat trends for 2021 and reveal how you can combine the models. From oversized to unusual – there is something for everyone!

Hardly any other item of clothing is as timeless and versatile as the trench coat. Whether classic or oversized, with wool or linen, in beige or blue: Trench coats are now available in every shape and color. It’s not just the well-known models by designer Thomas Burberry that make our fashion hearts beat faster – we’ll show you which trench coat trends you can’t avoid this autumn.

This is what distinguishes a classic trench coat

A classic trench coat is timeless and will be with you for a long time. In addition to the typical color – a light beige – this model has a double button placket, Epaulettes and bracelets. Despite the many buttons, the trench coat is only worn openly: Closing the rows of buttons at the front is an absolute faux pas. A provides more definition at the waist beltthat you can either knot at the front or let hang casually on both sides.

A trench coat should protect you from wind and rain. That is why these coats are often made of a robust material that is water-repellent. A rain cover on the back is also typical of a trench coat.

Trench coat trends 2021: a classic reinvents itself

As a timeless lover’s item, the trench coat usually comes in neutral colors and can therefore be combined particularly well. The typical model in beige cuts a good figure casually with jeans and sneakers, but can also be styled with business trousers and a blouse for an elegant look.

This fall, we’re going to put it on Oversized models: The deliberately generous cut makes these trench coats look particularly cool. You can also combine loose trousers and boots – or you dare to change your style and opt for a blouse and fine slippers.

If you don’t want to wear a long coat, come up with it shorter trench coats as an alternative: their cut makes them sporty and elegant at the same time.

For a timeless look, the trench coat doesn’t always have to be beige: There are also great alternatives in Ocher, persimmon or black. With a dark model you can combine elegant tone-on-tone looks. A trench coat doesn’t always have to be pants – skirts or dresses also cut a great figure under the coat. Make sure that both pieces of clothing are one different length to have. How to conjure up a visually sophisticated outfit by combining several layers on top of each other. Whether the trench coat is longer or shorter than the dress is of course up to you.

Curtain up for colorful trench coats and new materials

Trench coats in different colours provide more variety in your wardrobe this fall! Regardless of whether you want to fall back on fresh pastel tones or muted colors, there is the right trench coat for every taste.

A Trench coat in Bordeaux red is a nice splash of color, especially in the cold season and can be easily combined with light brown or beige tones. With a knitted dress and boots in neutral colors, the trench coat is the star of the outfit. Courageous fashion lovers: inside combine other pieces of the same color with a dark red trench coat and create an elegant one Tone-on-tone look. Make sure that the different tones do not differ too much from one another. Slight gradations create dimensions – too many different shades tend to cause a mess.

The classic trench coat is made of a water-repellent material – but here, too, we are playing with different alternatives this fall. Trench coats made of leather are particularly extravagant, models made of linen are great companions for warmer temperatures and Denim trench coats make for an eye-catcher. If you also want to use this material for your trench coat, you can conjure up an all-over look with a denim shirt and trousers. Lighter or darker tones bring variation to the outfit. But you can also go well with cloth trousers in brown or beige Denim trench coat combine. A light-colored knitted sweater and Chelsea boots go well with it – and you have an elegant outfit with a special twist.

Already knew?

Trench coats are one of the absolute favorites in our wardrobes. The coats, which were actually developed for a practical purpose, have been with us for over 100 years: in 1897 the designer Thomas Burberry developed the fabric “gabardine“- a particularly robust and water-repellent fabric. Due to their practical functions, trench coats were particularly suitable for the army. This is where the name comes from: The word “trench coat” is made up of the English terms “Trench“For ditch and”Coat“For coat together. From 1914 these coats were an integral part of the equipment of the British military.

We got to know and love this garment for everyday use through stars such as Audrey Hepburn, who wowed in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” in a trench coat. And to this day, especially those Trench coat models from “Burberry” for timeless elegance.

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