Trend 2021: Polygel Nails are conquering the beauty world

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Polygel Nails are now conquering our fingernails

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August 02, 2021

Polygel Nails are conquering the beauty world

New nail trends are making the rounds almost every day – but the latest of them may have come now to stay. The magic word in the beauty sky is Polygel Nails. This is a method that is lighter than acrylic and stronger than gel – and thus combines the best of both nail art worlds.

To do this, you press the polygel out of the tube onto a kind of nail template. There it is modeled and finally pressed onto your own fingernail. The gel hardens under an LED light before the stencil is carefully removed again.

In addition to the durability of the nails, there is another advantage: Since the model is not modeled directly on the fingernail, but first on a template, decorations can be applied even more precisely.

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