Trend color red: Duchess Catherine shows us how it’s done!

Trend color red
Duchess Catherine shows us how it’s done!

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Hardly any color is currently as popular as bright red! Numerous celebrities and royals are fans of the fiery color. Right at the front: Duchess Catherine.

From the gaudy all-over look to subtle details: the trend color red provides us with numerous combination options, in which everyone will find what they are looking for. While we usually go for covered and dark tones in autumn, this year it is the fiery bright red that has captured our fashionable hearts. But how do you wear this statement color? Duchess Catherine shows us how it’s done …

Trend color bright red: striking in total look

Hey there! If we don’t attract everyone’s attention with this look, we don’t know what to do next. Duchess Catherine goes all-out with her bright all-over look in bright red and one thing is certain: It was worth it! Admittedly, a gaudy total look with a dress or trouser suit takes a little courage, but when combined correctly, a red outfit gives us the perfect look for the next dinner date! Tip: If you go for the “Hello, here I am!” Color, you should approach the cut in a more reduced and, above all, more classic style – this way the look doesn’t look too crazy and fancy.

Trend color red: Duchess Catherine shows us how it's done!

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Down to earth with your favorite piece

If the all-over look is still a number too much for you, you can simply grab your personal favorite piece in red and combine it with more muted nuances. Here, too, Kate shows us how to do it. Their gaudy blazer the Duchess combines in a noble blouse in a simple beige and subtle jewelry that does not distract. We can also take a more cautious approach when it comes to choosing pants. How about black suit trousers or a bit more casual with dark blue jeans? Important: We should definitely use high-quality materials for the signal color so that the look appears as classy as we would like it to be.

Trend color red: Duchess Catherine shows us how it's done!

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Restrained with the eye-catcher

Small piece with a big effect! It doesn’t always have to be the loudest and most conspicuous part that makes a look an eye-catcher. At the soccer game, Duchess Catherine shows us how to make a simple look more exciting with color accents in the form of playful accessories. A great alternative for everyone who has to get used to the eye-catching color first.

Trend color red: Duchess Catherine shows us how it's done!

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