Trend hairstyle 2021: The ultra short bob provides the ultimate coolness factor

Ultra short bob
We will not be able to avoid this hairstyle trend in 2021

Lisa Olsson

© Christian Vierig / Getty Images

We love the classic bob – no question about it. But now it’s getting an upgrade, which we definitely don’t want to miss. Because with the so-called ultra short bob, we are one of the trendsetters in 2021.

Outgrown cuts, brittle and dry tips and boring hairstyles are a thing of the past. We are declaring war on boring hairstyles and are of the opinion: 2021 can be a little bolder when it comes to hair. Our favorite: the ultra short bob.

Ultrashort Bob: This is what characterizes the trend hairstyle 2021

We have all seen the classic bob umpteen times. And also its variations, such as the long or the short version, have been styled up and down by fashionistas in recent years. But in the ultra-short version, the bobsleigh will attract everyone’s attention in 2021 – we’re sure of that. The main characteristic of the hairstyle, as the name suggests, is the ultra-short length. Because the tips of the ultra short bob reach the chin at most – but can also be worn even shorter. For the ultimate coolness factor, the bob is always cut as an edge and not as a step like with many other hairstyles.

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This is how we style the ultra short bob

Trendsetters on Instagram wear the ultra short bob with an indiscriminately set center parting. This ensures a good dose of casualness, which can be supplemented with accessories such as mini gold hoop earrings or a link chain. In the sleek look, we not only bridge the days when there is no time to wash your hair, but thanks to texture sprays, hair wax or gels, the hairstyle is given a glamorous and elegant note in no time. Dark eye make-up and opulent earrings round off this styling variant particularly well and give the otherwise androgynous cut a feminine touch.

In general, the relatively simple and accurate cut means that the ultra short bob is very straightforward when it comes to styling. You can easily imitate the characteristic look at home even after the initial styling in the hairdressing salon and without a lot of frills. For people who generally have little time in the bathroom in the morning or who do not feel like lavish styling, this should be a further plus point. It also suits almost any face shape, because thanks to its variable styling, the face can be both flattered and emphasized.