Trial in Graz – brothel trial: only one suspect convicted

The “brothel trial” in Graz ended on Thursday with one guilty verdict and two acquittals: As reported, a former operator of such a house, a waiter and a businessman were accused of charging a guest with totally excessive prices and also charging them have to be entered in the land register for these debts. The waiter was sentenced to 21 months, not final.

A former brothel owner (51), a waiter and a businessman stood before the judge over the allegations. Their versions sounded very different from those of the regular guest. According to the indictment, the trio wanted to take his property from the farmer, who owned several houses. So they allowed him to write to the pub. Suddenly the bill showed 870,000 euros – a utopian sum, the guest was convinced. The brothel boss wanted to go into the land register for three properties “as a safeguard”, and the farmer agreed. The accused largely denied these acts as “invented”. Rather, the farmer borrowed the money. Initially, a former waitress was also charged, but she was soon acquitted. On Thursday evening, the former waiter was sentenced to 21 months, 14 of which were conditional. The brothel owner and the businessman were acquitted. The judgment is not final.
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