Trial in Innsbruck – hash cookies consumed: Biker (60) crashed into a car

It should be a nice trip to South Tyrol, but it ended up seriously injured in the hospital for a 60-year-old and his wife. Just a few minutes before the two of them would have been back home, their motorcycle crashed into a car. What the man apparently did not know: He had eaten hash cookies.

“If I had known what was inside, I would not have eaten the biscuits,” the Tyrolean said in court, “they weren’t even good either”.

Three people injured
On a wet road, with insufficient visibility and in the dark, an overtaking maneuver was fatal for the passionate biker. “We were in no hurry at all. I just overlooked the oncoming car, ”the defendant justified himself. There was a head-on collision. While the couple were seriously injured, the car driver – of all people, an acquaintance of the 60-year-old – got off lightly. “I am glad that my wife and I survived,” emphasized the hitherto innocent man.

Fine imposed
The judge imposed a fine of 2,800 euros. The accused immediately accepted the verdict and got a tip from the public prosecutor: “In the future, you should not only choose the guests, but also the hosts.” Not that the 60-year-old might have hash biscuits again consumed.