Trial of November 13: “It is attacks against bombings, here it is”, assumes Mohamed Abrini

JUSTICE – Mohamed Abrini was on Tuesday the first of the 14 defendants present in or in front of the box to be questioned on the facts. He said in particular “understand” why the attacks had been committed.

On the 65th day of the hearing at the trial of the November 13, 2015 attacks, the interrogations of the defendants on the merits were finally able to begin. The schedule meticulously respected by the president of the special assize court Jean-Louis Périès was delayed after Salah Abdeslam tested positive for Covid-19. As the main defendant is now fit and more contagious, the hearing was able to take its course.

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The extraordinary trial of the November 13 attacks

Mohamed Abrini, 37, alias “the man in the hat”, is the first to engage in the exercise. On his radicalization, the accused, plaid shirt, surgical mask on his face, contests. “For you, it’s radical. For me, I’m not radical.” Before adding later: “Islam as it is taught by the prophet is not compatible with democracy. For you, a man who has three wives, it is ‘weird’, you manage to make controversies even for halal. “

“Sharia law is divine law and it is above the law of men. If I were a free man today I would go and live in a country where Sharia law is applied”, he continues. “Some people only take part of the Koran. I take the Koran in full (…) It is a duty for all Muslims to go and wage jihad”.

“I am proud of what my little brother Soulaimane did”

Asked about his brother, who left for Syria in January 2014 and was killed in August of the same year in the area, he said: “I am proud of what my little brother Soulaimane did. He went to defend innocent people who were being massacred by a corrupt regime.” Mohamed Abrini, he would have radicalized on his release from prison in September 2014.“I saw on a photo the body of my little brother with a bullet in the head. I wanted to leave, to go and see”, he explains.

In a text message to his girlfriend written in November 2014, and read by the president, he wrote: “I will fight to defend the cause of the almighty I have sisters who are raped little brothers and sisters who are massacred. I run away to the almighty and the price to pay is there leave his life. ” He will be leaving for Syria from June 23 to July 9, 2015.

“Not capable of carrying out attacks”

The president then quotes a document written by Mohamed Abrini and asks him about it: “Do you have to blow yourself up to kill as many kuffars as you write? Is the one who blows yourself up to kill as many kuffars as possible a hero?”.

“Those who blew themselves up, it’s a response to the bombings. It’s attacks against bombings, that’s it. I wouldn’t be able to do it. I am capable of fighting, taking up arms, but not that. The attacks are a response to violence, that’s all I have to say “, answers the accused. “But these people on the terraces (cafes in Paris), they are not at war “, notes the chairman. Mohamed Abrini nods, and adds: “Everyone can think as they want. Go to Syria to defend the innocent and come back to kill the innocent, because they were innocent. In my brain, at one point it stalls.”

The president comes to the beheadings, committed by terrorists in Syria. “There have been beheadings in France too, you cut off your own king’s head! War is war, whether you die beheaded or with a bullet in your head”, Mohamed Abrini answers. On the rapes of Yazidis, he says: “It was done in all the conquests … Historians qualify it as a birth rate project. I accept everything, just as you accept the whole of French history with its dark and luminous pages.”

“I was not there on November 13, I killed no one!”

Me Maktouf, civil party lawyer, then questions Mohamed Abrini about his readings on religion. “Before I answer you, Master Maktouf, I have a question for you. Do you have divine powers? Do you know the contents of the breasts, do you have the power to search hearts? I will not answer any of your questions because you disgust me! You went to tell the hyenas there, the media, that I was impervious to the pain of the victims (…) It hurt me. ‘Didn’t kill anyone! Hearing this woman tell the media that the people in the box don’t have empathy, I’m sorry it’s breaking my balls. ”

Me Riberolles, another civil party lawyer asks him if he has something to say to the victims. “It’s a funny question. I had not expected that I would be asked this kind of question (…) I think that they were doubly victims, both of the foreign policy of France, and of the Islamic State’s foreign policy. “

Does he condemn the attacks committed in France? “The question is not ‘do we condemn them or not’, the question is ‘what are we doing so that it does not happen again’.” The lawyer insists. “You will sleep well tonight if I tell you that I condemn (the attacks). Me, if I could, I would have bought universal peace but it does not exist”, concludes Mohamed Abrini. “It’s not for sale and I can’t afford it.”

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