Triangle Strategy: the tactical role-playing game loses its Switch exclusivity and will land on PC

We now have to face the facts, the role-playing games of Square-Enix releasing exclusively on Switch are likely not to stay that way for long. We had already had as a scenario Octopath Travelerwhich will be entitled to a second multiplatform episode, and it is Bravely Default II which met the same fate last year only a few months after its release. Well, now it’s Triangle Strategy’s turn to follow in their footsteps and be announced on PC, where it will be available via Steam October 13 next. As a reminder, it had sold rather well only a few weeks after its release.

As a reminder, here is what the game offers:

Triangle Strategy is set on the continent of Norzelia, home to three mighty feuding kingdoms; Glenbrook, Aesfrost, and Hyzante; whose fate rests in the hands of the players. Thirty years after the end of the Great Salt and Iron War, they will guide Serenor Wolffort, the protagonist, and his faithful companions: his childhood friend, Prince Roland, his fiancée, Princess Frédérica Aesfrost, and the butler of the Wolffort house, Benedict; through the new raging conflict.

Triangle Strategy offers a sophisticated tactical combat system based on a rich and interactive role-playing environment. Players will be able to:

  • Choose between three philosophies; Pragmatism, Ethics, and Freedom; to contribute to the evolution of the story;
  • Create their battle team from thirty characters;
  • Take advantage of each character’s stats and move count, and use special attacks and abilities that consume each character’s limited but refillable pool of Tactics Points;
  • Evolve characters by making them fight in order to improve their characteristics and unlock new attacks and special skills;
  • Improve the individual characteristics and classes of characters to make them more effective.

If you prefer to play it on Switch, Triangle Strategy is sold €44.99 on Amazon.

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