Tribute to the victims of Covid-19: Julien Bayou slams the government: Current Woman The MAG

Guest of Jean-Michel Aphatie on LCI, on Thursday April 15, 2021, Julien Bayou returned to national tribute to the victims of Covid-19 as the threshold of 100,000 deaths approaches. A request made by the families of people who died after contracting the virus, heard by the government. Thus, the national secretary of Europe Ecology the Greens underlined: “I think of the families who were not able, truly, to honor their loved ones “. Before continuing: “It is important to mark this symbolic number and the deep trauma it takes because behind every death are bereaved families.”

A ceremony which nevertheless gives him “a feeling of helplessness”. “If it was accompanied by a ‘never again’, for example. ‘Never again: the deletions of beds’. We continue, we always have deletions of beds, reductions in the number of nursing staff. ‘was accompanied by: ‘We will pay tribute, but we will also learn a lesson from this crisis’ (…). ‘Never again, so we will prepare for the next pandemics’, ‘We will work on compulsory licenses so that these vaccines can be shared with countries that cannot afford them’ “, he lamented.

The Covid-19 pandemic, “an environmental crisis “

For Julien Bayou, it is time to understand that he “there is only one health, a link between the health of ecosystems, human health and animal health”. So he lamented thattoday, humans and health are still ‘used’ as ‘commodities’. According to him, the health crisis of Covid-19 “is an ecological crisis. Deforestation, intensive farming and other predations against living beings lead to this type of pandemic”.

Asked about his analysis and the tribute paid to the dead, he defended himself by recalling Emmanuel Macron’s first speech at the start of the pandemic. Saying homage to the hundred thousand dead, what if it’s just waiting for the next symbolic number (…). The challenge is to learn the lessons of this crisis. There is only one health and let us finally engage in the fight against climate change “.

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