Triumphant advance of e-cars: what should become of the electric vehicles now?

E-car fans in Germany have received a targeted shot across the bow: the environmental bonus is falling and will probably be abolished much earlier than previously planned. The question of the hour: What’s next for electric cars?

Buying an electric car is becoming more expensive: the environmental bonus is falling significantly

Anyone who wants to buy an electric car should have gotten a real shock this week: the traffic light government has agreed on a compromise on the environmental bonus, which ensures less funding. now It is on the brink of how things will continue with electric cars in the future – and how the customers react to the decision.

Up to now, e-car buyers have been able to get a discount of up to 9,000 euros when buying a new Stromer, depending on the model they choose. That should be the end of it, you can expect a maximum of 1,500 euros less in the future. Hybrid buyers will have to do without subsidies entirely from 2023 – and even purely electric cars will only be given preferential treatment as long as there is money. If you are unlucky, you buy an e-car and get nothing. All details about the planned end of the environmental bonus can be found in our article.

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Lease an e-car and collect a bonus of €6,000

So it’s no wonder that criticism is stirring – and loud: The expert Ferdinand Dudenhöffer, known as the car pope, criticizes the decision sharply: The Government is risking the end of e-cars. The uncertainty about the amount of funding together with long delivery times in the automotive industry could have a pull effect that calls the entire drive turnaround into question.

Despite the minus in the environmental bonus: e-cars are not written off

Without this shot across the bow, things would not look bad for e-cars: A survey published by ADAC SE this week showed that in the next three years more than half of those surveyed choose at least one semi-electric car would. Hardly anyone who already drives an electric car wants to go back to the combustion engine – a good sign actually. But inflation and economic worries could also shoot across here, the survey took place in March 2022.

Good reasons for an electric car:

Even if there seems to be bad news about electric cars at the moment, there is reason for hope. After all, the Stromer are not only superior in terms of purchase price – thanks to the environmental bonus. Buyers should always keep an eye on the running costs: For example: According to an evaluation by Check24, electric drivers pay up to 42 percent less than combustion engine owners. The GHG quota for e-cars also makes a good contribution. In the long run you can easily compensate for a reduced purchase premium.

There are also reasons Electric cars continue to have opportunities over combustion engines to calculate.

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