Trofaiach Police – Two accidents in a row: Fugitive driver caught

Since the 47-year-old caused two accidents in Leoben one after the other, the police have been looking for him and his car. Now the dangerous driver could be caught.

Two accidents were his fault – now the fugitive perpetrator has been identified. On Friday evening, March 22nd, the driver was up to mischief in Leoben. The first accident occurred on Edlinger Straße (L116) – a car had to swerve because the 47-year-old was racing towards him and then hit a street post. But instead of stopping, the dangerous driver continued racing and a few minutes later collided with a car on Eisen Straße (B115). He committed another hit-and-run. Search for a Ford Ranger Witness statements confirmed the suspicion that it must be one and the same driver. The police found car parts at the scene of the accident and then searched for a Ford Ranger from 2011 with a broken left wing mirror. The 47-year-old received several reports. At the beginning of this week, success was achieved: police officers from Trofaiach were able to catch the dangerous driver. Tips from the public and meticulous investigations led to the 47-year-old. The man from the Leoben district was reported to the Leoben district administration for assault and endangering physical safety.
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