Truck found with at least 42 dead migrants

Dozens of bodies have been found in a truck in the southern United States. According to the first media reports, these should be migrants. The background is still unclear, the investigations are ongoing.

Rescue workers deployed in Antonio on June 27: Dozens of people were found dead there in an articulated lorry (video still).

ABC affiliate KSAT via Reuters

so. / (Reuters) At least 40 people have been found dead in a truck in San Antonio, Texas. This was reported by local media on Monday, citing a source familiar with the investigation. 16 other people were taken to hospitals for treatment. The television station KSAT spoke of at least 42 deaths, citing police circles.

San Antonio TV station WOAI reported that the dead were migrants and that police are investigating. The television station KSAT further reported that the truck was found near train tracks in the Southwest Side district.

San Antonio police did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The photos, posted on Twitter by a KSAT reporter, showed several police vehicles and ambulances surrounding a large truck

The temperatures in San Antonio, which is about 250 kilometers from the Mexican border, rose to 39.4 degrees Celsius on Monday (local time) with high humidity.

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